Bros vs Pros Veteran Returns


IFBB Physique Pro Nola Trimble, originally slated to represent the "Pros" at Osta Gain's Bros vs Pros 13, will no longer be able to make the trip from Chicago out to The Garden State this Saturday December 15th.  Instead, we asked the lovely and uber powerful IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Colette Nelson to step into those shoes, and after a little arm twisting and a few well-placed compliments she agreed to compete this Saturday afternoon.  Colette is no stranger to Bros vs Pros competitions. She was narrowly defeated by Tazzie Colomb in the deadlift at Deer Park Golds Gym in one of the earlier Bros vs Pros events. Since that time Colette suffered a bicep injury about a year ago and is now anxious to prove to herself that these kinds of events are still well within her wheelhouse. Colette displayed tremendous determination and guts in the video below knocking down 44 reps and still had breath to spare to do the post-lift interview immediately afterwards.

Remember, Bros vs Pros 13 is a two-fold lift! The ladies will start by benching 80% of their bodyweight for max reps which pays $750 to the winner. The men will follow with 225lbs for max reps on the bench for a $1,500 top prize. We then switch gears to biceps where the ladies will curl a flat 60lbs for reps (with a $250 top prize) and the men will curl a still to be determiend weight between 100 and 135lbs for a $500 top prize.

We look forward to seeing all of the excited and amped athletes this coming weekend in Maplewood, NJ at the World Famous Diamond Gym at the Osta Gain's Bros vs Pros 13: John  Kemper Memorial at 1:00pm EST sharp!  Remember we'll also be having a Food Drive for the Community Food Bank of New Jersey.  Please bring food donations!

For questions or information about the event, please drop me a line at [email protected]

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