Bros vs Pros 13: The John Kemper Memorial at the Diamond Gym


The one thing Dave Palumbo told me is that no matter what, RxMuscle has to bring Bros vs Pros back to the Tri-state area at the close of the year. Last year we were close, in Chicago at the Jakked Gym. The year prior we were in Deer Park, NY at the Golds Gym and the performances were immense and spectacular!

This year, bodybuilding lost one of its legends of the sport. John Kemper had the mindset of not only living the lifestyle and possessing one of the greatest physiques the nation had ever seen, but he had the ability to culture new talent. John empowered people to bring the best in themselves to the gym and stage. When John Kemper left us earlier this year, he set in stone the legacy of one of the greatest training facilities in the country. It may not be big, it may not be pretty, but it produces champions!

Diamond Gym lives on in his name and it's for him, that we bring an equally determined staff and athletes to show our appreciation for what John meant to all of us. Osta-Gain presents Bros vs Pros 13: John Kemper Memorial at the Diamond Gym!

Brand Spanking New IFBB Pro Brian Yersky is confirmed as the Mens Pro for the Bros vs Pros 13! He is joined by IFBB Physique Pro Nola Trimble as the duo to beat in Maplewood. Yes, Brian Yersky is our official pro, but a dude named Seth Feroce threw his hat in the ring today as well as 2012 National heavyweight champ Justin Compton! Add Steve "The Ram" Silverman, Masters Pro Drew Jemmott, NPC Masters Phenom Rodney Roller and many more!

Remember, the girls are coming too. Nola Trimble busted some serious ass and came up about "_____" that short of taking out IFBB Pro Mikala Soto for the win at Bros vs Pros 8 in Phoenix last year. Since then, Nola has moved to the Windy City, started up a new business as a personal trainer and knocked it out of the park by winning the Tampa bay Pro this year! She has her sites on another victory and making it to the inaugural ball of IFBB Physique Olympia. Some of the other ladies coming out include IFBB Bodybuilder turned Physique Pro Tammy Patnode coming from upstate NY with NPC Physique competitor Tiani Norman to give the Chicago Pro Trimble, a serious look. I am hearing rumblings of a former wildly popular IFBB Pro and BvP competitor who may make the trip downstate to rekindle a long buring fire!

Our event this time around is a slightly different format for the men: $1,500 goes to Baddest chest in the 225lb Benchpress for Reps and $500 will go to the 135lb Bulging Biceps Curl for Reps. The ladies will do the same two events, but weight will be determined by Bodyweight. 80% bodyweight for bench, 50% for curls. $750 for the bench and $250 for the curls!

More important than all of this... EVERY Bros vs Pros event is free to enter and free to spectate. This is the time of year where we as a community need to do something in return for our communities. We ask everyone who is competing or spectating to bring a donation for the Community Food Bank of New Jersey. "Each year we assist over 1500 partner agencies, distributing over 39 million pounds of food in 18 New Jersey counties, helping to feed 900,000 people. Since incorporating in 1982, we have distributed over 400 million pounds of food and groceries valued at nearly 1 billion dollars." As bodybuilders and fitness fanatics we need to think
beyond ourselves and help those less fortunate than us.

Now for even more news, this event will have special guest DJ Robbie Lopez spinning music for the joint AND we will have our first ever Bros vs Pros After party at Robbie's club later that night!

Join Dave Palumbo, SallyAnne Taylor, Aaron Singerman and Bryan Hildebrand with a HUGE lineup of special guests for what will undoubtedly be THE Bros vs Pros to remember! Bryan Hildebrand will be doing the pre-shopping to start the food drive stack inside the gym. Please help us make a difference.

If you can’t make it out to Maplewood, you can always catch the free LIVE Stream on the Official Bros vs Pros Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/brosVpros. Links to it can be found on the official Bros vs Pros forum post in Muscle Central on RxMuscle.com: http://forums.rxmuscle.com/showthread.php?106231-Dec-15th-Bros-vs-Pros-13-Yersky-Feroce-Compton-Jemmott-BSA-Diamond-Gym-Maplewood-NJ!

Need more info on how to enter, rules, sponsorships, etc? Contact [email protected] or [email protected] for more information.

Thanks to our sponsors: Osta-Gain Peptides, Species Nutrition, Iron Mag Labs, Envizion Medical and of course, The Diamond Gym.

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