ASM Athlete Countdown: Nick Best and Brad "The Wolverine" Dunn



Nick Best, Las Vegas, Nevada. As one of the elder sportsmen of this sport, Nick continues to place his mark in the sport as a successful athlete and promoter. Nick has qualified for his umpteenth Worlds Strongest man earlier this year by taking the runner up spot at the Fit Expo in Australia. Nick has one of the best grips in the business and can pick and carry anything with the “Best” of them. Nick and his wife Callie are the promoters of the Sin City Giants Live qualifier in Las Vegas which has seen tremendous growth in athlete and audience participation. Nick has been to the ASM, but not in quite some time. The last time Nick competed at ASM was in 2008 where he took the runner up spot behind the disappearing act of Jason Kristal. Nick can never be counted out of any show. He is a brutal and experienced in the game and can never be miscounted.






Brad Dunn, Parts Unknown, Florida. Brad Dunn, purveyor of cigars, fine clothes and loose women. Certainly one of the ladies favorites on the strongman circuit, he has more photo ops with the ladies of all ages than the rest of the competitors combined (sorry Brian Shaw)! Brad has more modeling pics being circulated in Hairy Bears forums than any other athlete I know of. Aside from that, “The Wolverine” is competing in his 8th consecutive ASM event, more in a row than any other athlete in America. Brad is not the biggest guy on the field, but his technical prowess is unparalleled in this country, period. He has an olympic style ability across both deadlifting and overhead events that allow him to stay on par with the bigger men in the field.




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