ASM Athlete Countdown: Andrew Palmer and Robert Oberst!


Here, only at RxMuscle, we will countdown the confirmed athletes for this years Americas Strongest Man which takes place at the Mr Olympia weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sept 27 and 28, 2013. We start the series off with a couple of West Coast guys!

Andrew Palmer, Seattle, Wa. Since turning pro at the  Dallas Europa in 2009 Andrew has made his presence felt in three ASM's where he has placed a consistent 5th in every show. Andrew is a brutally fast guy considering he stands 6' 5” and tips the scales at more than 370lbs. He has really shone in all of the moving events; The Yoke, Farmers Walk and Loading Medleys are his specialties and should never be counted out as he can move with the best in the world. Andrew claims to also have the best beard in the ASC. With fellow giant Robert Oberst and newcomer Eric “Easy E” Dawson, he will be challenged for the title! Andrew was also the Pro for Bros V Pros in Seattle earlier this year.





Robert Oberst – Hanford, California. “Obie” came on the scene a few years ago after playing football and discovering his massive strength had a great application in strongman. One of the best overhead pressers in the world, he had the ability to show that off recently as he not only qualified for his first Worlds Strongest Man but made the finals his first time at bat as well. The 6' 8” 400lb beast has the intensity of the best as well as being one of the most popular and relaxed guys on the circuit. Robert turned Pro in Dallas in 2012 after beating one of this years new Pros and quickly rose to the task by competing in the 2012 ASM and breaking an American Record in the Log Press in the first event of the weekend! Robert comes into this show with a rookie season 9th place finish at WSM from just a few weeks ago.






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