Bryans' X-Mas List: Reading Material - MILO

One of only a few magazines, or journals, for the passionate few in Strength Sports. Whether it be Strongman, Powerlifitng, Olympic Lifting, Highland Games or Grip Strength, these guys cover it all, from around the world. MILO, A Journal for Serious Strength Athletes is that one piece of the printed puzzle that may never go away. Articles from soem of the biggest and brightest in the industry, MILO is every strength guys bible.
From the Ironmmind.com website...

 Finding Information in MILO is 4 times easier 

With 75 MILO issues and more coming, there’s a lot of information at hand. What’s the best way to find the articles and issues you’re most interested in? 

Here are four suggestions: 

1 – See the 
MILO Articles by Topic pages on our website. We’ve organized them under useful headings, like “Hone your Olympic-style weightlifting technique” or “Health and nutrition are key,” so you can quickly find articles of interest. 

2 – Check out our 
MILO packages, groups of issues based around such popular topics as World’s Strongest Man and bodyweight training, and how-to articles on such topics as squats and grip strength.  

3 – Peruse our helpful Resource Pages on 
Grip Training,Strongman, and Weightlifting for relevant articles and a brief note on what each one covers.  

4 – For a complete 
Table of Contents for each issue, please visit our on-line store.

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