Bryans' X-Mas List: GASP for Big Boys

When GASP Clothing came on the scene in American bodybuilding circles several years ago, most people saw the line, wanted the products, but came up em pty handed. GASP, based Sweden simply couldn't keep up with Norwegian and UK demand, let alone with develing into the American market. Once the market became avaialble, sales went through the roof in the U.S. Their products, built for real athletes by athletes brings quality cloths together with terrirfic fitment for hypertrophy enhanced men and subsequently an entire womens line.
What I like most about their products is how perfect the fit is. At 6' and 300lbs, the jackets, t-shirts and shorts fit as if they were tailor made for me which has been impossible in the past. Most clothing companeis opt for cheaper alternative size designs and cloth options. GASP spared no expense, and there in fact is the rub; they are certainly the most costly in the industry. With shorts averaging $60, pants over $100 and jackets of varying styles in the $150's... 
If any of you love you, and I know there are lots fo you, I wear XXL in pants and shorts, XXXL in shirts and jackets. Happy shopping:



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