Strongman Goes Snooty


In the world of Strongman, there are only a handful of well known names. Even fewer are from the United States. People in the U.S. are fascinated by large physical specimens. The WWE is filled with bohemoth men standing well over 6 and a half feet tall and clearing the 300lb barrier with little effort. So when a GIANT from the United States wins the World's Strongest Man last year, people assumed he would be big. And how right they are. At 6' 8" tall and somewhere over 430lbs of symmetrical and proportionate mass, The United States' own Brian Shaw from Fort Lupton, Colorado is forging a path to fame. 

Brian recently starred in his own Hefty Slider Bag commercial where he was mildly poked fun at in a losing battle with the every day housewife. Now Brian is turning up on the Snooty side of information. The New Yorker Magazine, long known for it's artsy fartsy slant on everything from gastronomy to broadway to their perception of modern day barbarianism (MMA is frowned upon in NYC) has a feature article on the man who in 2011 was crowned The World's Strongest.

From Burkhart Bilger, this lengthy article chronicles our history in strength sports. My hat is off to Mr. Bilger. Thanks for taking the time to notice the 4,000lb elephant sitting patiently in the corner...



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