Live Streaming of Olympic Weightlifting Coming Soon

The Olympics provide sport's ultimate kaleidescope, and coming this summer, NBC will be your exclusive source for COMPREHENSIVE LIVE streaming video coverage of the London Games online and in our mobile/tablet apps. All 32 sports. All 302 events. All live!

Click here: http://www.nbcolympics.com/liveextra/index.html

In realted news, the State of Ohio's first female football player has not only qualified for the U.S. Olympic Team, she is a leading contender for Gold at the 2012 Olympic games in London. 

Holley Mangold, sister of NY Jets Pro Bowl Center Nick Mangold has made tremendous progress in a years period of time. She left a Track and Field scholarhip at a prestegious Cleveland, Ohio school to persuit her goal of Olympic Gold.

The Washington Post reports: Mangold qualified for the Olympics back in early March when she won the clean-and-jerk competition by lifting 319 pounds, and finished second in the two-hand snatch event with a 242-pound lift. Originally, Mangold was thought of to be a likely candidate for the 2016 games, but adding 70 pounds to her lifts over the past year has helped her earn a spot in London.

Look for Holley and the rest of her team mates in London later this month as the U.S. lifts towards Olympic Gold.

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