The All American Strongman Challenge will determine the American athletes to compete in the 2011 World Strong Man Super Series.  The competition is OPEN to all qualified Strongman athletes.  The top six athletes will receive All American Team Honors and the top 3 athletes will get a direct invite to the 2011 WSM Super Series Tour. Also, the 2011 All American Champion will get a direct invite to the 2011 Arnold’s Classic Strongman competition.


The Ultimate Nutrition All-American Strongman

Challenge Competitors:

Luke Bergmann

Paul Bergmann

John Connor

Scott Cummine

Mark Felix

Dan Harrison

Terry Hollands

Louis-Phillip Jean

Chad Kurian

Ricky Larocca

van der Linden

Kevin Nee


1st $4,000 2nd $2,000 3rd $1,500
4th $1,000 5th $850 6th $650


Format of Competition

The All American Strongman Challenge will be contested over 6 Disciplines.  Athletes’ order and pairing in the first Discipline is determined by reverse order of received entry, and announced at the Athletes’ Rules Meeting prior to the commencement of the contest.  The order in the subsequent Disciplines shall be the reverse order of OVERALL standing (not previous Discipline).  Ties in the overall standing shall be broken by finish in previous Discipline.

If a Discipline is contested in pairs or groups, the “lane” assignments must be uniformly applied “odd” in left lane, “even” in right lane to the all pairs.



Timed Disciplines shall be hand timed, and distances shall be measured by standard measuring tapes.  The score in a Discipline shall be determined by placement and based on the number of Athletes starting in the first Discipline of the contest.  If an Athlete pass on a Discipline or fail to get a measurable result in a Discipline, he will receive zero (0) points (i.e. fails to get one repetition in a Discipline for maximum repetitions, fails to lift the opening weight in a max lift, etc.).  The score for a placement shall remain the same through an entire competition (i.e. if the score for 1st place is 12 points in the first Discipline, it will remain 12 points in subsequent Disciplines even if the field of athletes has been reduced by attrition).  However, if there’s a cut in the number of athletes due to time constraints, the scoring will be weighted.


Discipline Description and Rules

The following disciplines are some of the feats of strength
that will be contested...


Saturday January 29th, 2011
12:00 Noon
Introduction of All American Strongman Challenge Athletes

12:15pm The All-American Farmers Walk

The athletes competing pairs will each attempt to lift and carry Giant Farmers Walk (160kg/~350lb each) implements 132 feet/40m (total) up and back. Multiple set downs and pick-ups allowed.  No grip aids other than chalk allowed. Longest distance or fastest time to finish wins.  The athletes will have 60 seconds time limit to complete course.


2:15pm All-American Power Medley

The athletes will attempt to lift and carry for a distance of 66 feet/20m each: a 300lb sandbag; a 320lb aluminum block; a 330lb keg; and then a 400lb shield within in a 75 sec time limit. Athletes are not allowed to shoulder any of the objects, but multiple set downs and pick-ups allowed.  Fastest time or longest distance wins. Chalk or spray tacky allowed.


4:30pm All-American Louis Cyr Dead Lift
(last man standing)

The athletes will each attempt to dead lift the Giant Louis Cyr Barbell, starting weight 705lb and increasing with each attempt till there is ONE MAN STANDING.  Time starts when barbell is loaded, and athletes have 30 seconds to commence the lift.  Straps and lifting suits allowed.


Sunday January 30, 2011

10:15am All-American Super Yoke

The athletes, competing in pairs will each attempt to lift and carry a 415kg/915lb yoke on their shoulders for 132 feet/40m up and back.  Multiple set down allowed.  Furthest or fastest time to complete course wins. The athlete will have 60 seconds time limit to complete course.

12:00 Noon All-American Overhead Lifting Medley

The athlete will attempt to lift and press overhead five (5) Aluminum Blocks weighing (1)105kg/~235lb;
(2) 115kg/~255lb; (3) 125kg/~275lb; (4) 135kg/~300lb; (5) 145kg/~320lb respectively.  Referee may disallow an otherwise good
lift if the implement is thrown or otherwise abused. The most lifts in the shortest time wins.  The athlete will have 120 seconds  time limit to complete as many lifts as possible. Chalk or spray tacky allowed.


2:00pm All-American Stone over Bar for Reps

The athletes competing in pairs will each attempt to lift a 175kg/385lb Atlas stone over a 56” high bar for as many times as possible within in a 75 sec time limit.


2:45PM Award Ceremony
Presentation of All American Challenge Athletes
Top six (6) awards
Presentation of the 2011 All American Strongman Team

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