Worlds Strongest Man, Los Angeles - Qualifying Updates


The 2014 Worlds Strongest Man qualifying is well under way in Los Angeles with very few issues or problems. After 3 days of qualifying all five of the groups, there are some surprisingly new names in the top 3 of each group as well as the usual pack of former finalists.

Among the standouts is the Brit, Eddie Hall who won the British championships just more than one week ago who is showing a tremendous improvement over the past two years though he is edging out a tie in second place between juggernaut American Jerry Pritchett and new Pol on the block, Gzergorz Szymanski. The relative new-comer from Canada, Jean Francois Caron is making a name for himself behind the Giant Icelander Thor Bjornsson in several qualifying events. American Dave Ostlund found himself in the right group only being 1.5 points out of second place.

Current champion Brian Shaw from the U.S. leads his group and has even backed off his performances to get event wins, but saving his energy and health for the finals later in the week. Lithuanian Zydrunas Savickas, the three time champion and recent Arnold Strongman Classic winner handily leads his group with the Brit Laurence Shahalei four points back.

The only athlete to fall out of competition appears to be American Robert Oberst who apparently injured himself in the car carry and did not return for his final event on day 2 the Viking Press where he dominates. More on Robert as soon as I am able to reach him.

Finals are this weekend at the L.A. Commerce Hotel and Casino. On Friday, March 28th the top 2 athletes from each group of five will contest three events - The Loading race, A Circus Medley and the Keg Toss. On Saturday, March 29th the final three events will be the Vehicle Pull, Squat and the perennial Atlas Stones. Events on both days begin at 9:00am and conclude with the final events around 3:00pm PST.

Friday 28th March
9:00am: Loading race
11:30am: Circus medley
3:00pm: Keg toss
Saturday 29th March
9:00am: Vehicle pull
11:00am: Squat lift
3:00pm: Atlas stones


After 3 days of qualifying, here are the Group Standings

Michael Burke – 21 points
Terry Hollands – 19 points
Warrick Brant – 15 points
Tomas Rodrigues – 11 points
Frankie Scheun – 9 points
Øyvind Rein – 8 points

Group 2
Hafthor Bjoernson – 27.5 points
Jean-Francois Caron – 22 points
Dave Ostlund – 20.5 points
Rafal Kobylarz – 13 points
Robert Oberst – 10 points
Ben Kelsey – 9 points

Group 3
Eddie Hall – 18 points
Jerry Pritchett – 16 points
Grzegorz Szymanski – 16 points
Mike Caruso – 12 points
Lauri Nami – 11 points
Dimitar Savatinov – 11 points

Group 4
Zydrunas Savickas – 25.5 points
Laurence Shahalei – 21.5 points
Mark Felix – 17.5 points
Nick Best – 17 points
Bjoern Andre Solvang – 14.5 points
Eben Le Roux – 8 points

Group 5
Brian Shaw – 23 points
Martin Wildauer – 19 points
Graham Hicks – 13 points
Mikhail Shevlyakov – 10 points
Gerhard Van Staden – 10 points
Scott Cummine – 9 points

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