Cavegirl Pumpkin Sweet Mash!


Ssweetpotatoo I was in the middle of prepping my pre/post workout meals and an idea came to me. I always eat the same sweet potato recipe and haven't changed it... until now! Thanks to my sponsors Ali's All Natural and Cavegirl Confections, I was able to add some major flavor into the mix! Below is how to make my latest creation...

1) Preheat oven to 450 degrees.


2) Line cookie sheet with tinfoil.


3) Scrub sweet potato under running water and dry well with paper towel, this prevents it from steaming rather than properly baking.


4) Poke all over with fork; get out some aggressions!


5) Place sweet potatoes on cookie sheet and put in oven for 30 minutes.


6) Flip over and set timer for 30 more minutes, 20 minutes if they are smaller (shorter than your palm)


7) Remove and scrape off any blackened crusties from the leaking juices.


8) Let them cool a bit before peeling off the skin. I wait about 20 minutes.


9) Place skinless potatoes in sauce pan to mix ingredients.


10) Add 3 heaping tablespoons of "Pumpkin Almond Butter" by @cavegirlconfections


11) Add 1/4 cup of Ali's All Natural syrup or any other brand of organic pure maple syrup.


12) Add 2 tablespoons cinnamon.Finally, mix all ingredients fully and either serve immediately or put in container to have some tasty goodness ready anytime!


*Macros vary depending on serving size, ingredients used and size of potato chosen.


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