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Joining IMG 2136us today is the guy they call “Critter, Critelli Scatolini.  Congrats on a great showing!  What made you decide to compete in the Men’s Physique Division?
I have friends who compete and they pretty much forced me to do it... I'm naturally a very shy person so the first competition was very hard for me...

Can you tell us a little about the show in which you just competed?
It was The L.A. Championships in Culver City. I have competed in 4 shows in the past 6 weeks and this one had the highest caliber of competitors yet..  All the athletes deserved to place in my opinion....

How did you feel after pre-judging?
Honestly, I was on cloud nine!! After receiving very poor results and coming in pretty much dead last in all my recent  shows, I literally had look down at my number three times to make sure it was really me they were calling!

How did you feel about the final results of the show?
Results exceeded all expectations, I would have been happy in fifth place...Like I said, the athletes were all amazing!!!

What are your thoughts on the Men's Physique Division and what it may be able to do for your career?
I'm very excited about the addition of Men's Physique! I think it is a very relatable and attainable division that helps to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. As far as what it can do for my career, I have some big dreams, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see....


Hometown: San Diego,  Pacific Beach

Current city: San Diego,  Clairemont

Years training:
Honestly, I was about about 8 years old...So just about thirty year of training...I have an older brother so I always tried to compete with him and his friends..

I have my AA and am certified in building controls for science laboratories.

Occupation: Building automation controls tech.

Favorite type of training:
I really don’t have one... I find my body reacts best when I keep It guessing..The only consistent part of my workouts is that I always give it 150%..

Favorite body part to train:
I love back and triceps. As a youth, I wanted to be UFC Fighter and I know this is where your true punching power comes from..LOL

Favorite exercise:
I Love pull ups!!! I believe it's the best exercise for the upper body..Just by changing your hand position you can pretty much target every muscle group, and you can do them anywhere.

Rep range:  
It depends on my work out day.. I train for strength and endurance..So my typical rep range for strength is 8 to 10 reps ,but for endurance EXAMPLE  incline bench dumbbells: I warm up with 70s rep 20 then 80s 20 reps all the way to 120s rep 20 then pyramid back down..

Number of sets: I always do two warm-up sets, then 4 to 5 sets.

Typical workout duration:
Hour cardio in the morning and typically hour to hour and half lifting at night.

Training split: IMG 2111
Monday quads
Tuesday is glutes, calves, and hamstrings
Wednesday is shoulders and traps
Thursday back and biceps
Friday chest and triceps
Weekends any outside activity, run, hike, bike,surf.
also do cardio 5x/week first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Typical daily eating plan:
7 am: coffee and oatmeal with banana.
9 am: egg white omelet filled with ground turkey ,mini bell peppers, and spinach with a scoop of cottage cheese on top
10 am: protein shake with flax seed oil.
12 pm: 6-8 oz chicken with a side of green veggies.
3 pm: apple with peanut butter and a handful of raw almonds.
7pm: small protein shake
8pm: 8 oz tilapia or 6oz steak and side of veggies.  

Favorite supplement:
MyoPharma makes a great line of supplements. Their chocolate protein powder is among the best I have tasted and really helps curb my sweet tooth while dieting.

What peaked your interest in training?
When I was about 8 years old I was riding my bike on the beach boardwalk, I saw this man doing pullups... So I stopped and asked “what are you doing?” He said , “it's a pull up son”... He then told me that if I tried to do a pull up he would give me a dollar for every one I did.... So I did thirteen pull ups.. He was so amazed.. He opened up his wallet and paid me...After that I  hit 5th grade and the Presidential Fitness program came out.. I destroyed every event and Arnold Schwarzenegger signed my first place award! That's when I found out I was very different...   

Who influences/influenced your training?
This is kind of cheesy but honestly ROCKY series taught me to never quit and always put 150% and I Quote: “It ain’t about how hard you hit: its about how hard you can get hit,  and keep moving forward. Its how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done” ROCKY BALBOA..

My dad father was a huge jock so he enrolled me in every single sports program..Soccer, baseball, football, tennis, golf, bmx. If it had a ball, I played it..lol

Special interests: IMG 2080
I love to work with my hands. My most recent project was a total rebuild of a 1963 Mercury Comet S22 convertible. Man, is she pretty!!

Physique, fitness, bodybuilding competition history:
First show So Cal Championships in SD, L.A. West Coast classic, San Jose EXPO, and L.A Championships

Awards and/or accomplishments:  
Received  2nd place in 35 master class at the So Cal Championships and 2nd place in L.A championship open class D.  

Next planned competition:LAS VEGAS USA’s!!!!!!

What keeps you on track towards reaching your goals?
I always make sure to set goals every month..This keeps you focused and keeps your desire to continue..

Interesting fact or something you would like our readers to know about you: 

I'm almost 38 years old and I have 4 titanium plates and 40 screws holding my body together.. I also have two lumbar discs (L1, L3)  that are completely degenerated.. But I don't make excuses, I just DO!!!!      

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