Muscle Girls Inc (10/07/14) : This Week welcome guest IFBB Women's Physique Olympia Champion Juliana Malacarne.

Join us on this great  episode of Muscle Girls Incwith your hosts Adela Garcia and Stacey Alexader. Joining us this week is Brazilian Beauty and NewestIFBB Women's Physique Olympia Champion Juliana Malacarne. Juliana shares her journey from starting competing in Fitness in Brazil, to switching to Figure and earning her pro status at the World Championships in Spain in 2005.  Juliana tell us about her struggles as a Figure competitor due to being too muscular compare to the athletes in the USA. She decided to retired from the competitive stage until Women's Physique was introduced. She follow the advice from some knowledgeable people in the industry and decided to make a comeback.  It was the best decision she made and with her work ethic, she did pretty well by winning her first Women's Physique show.
Juliana saw her dream come true this year by winning the 2014 Women's Physique Olympia. She also shares her training philosophy and what she does to have the best gluteus in that division. 
On this episode we also discuss the 7 Reasons Why Pole Dancing is Empowering To Women.  If you are haven't try a pole dancing class, you should. It is a great workout, plus it will make you feel super sexy:)..
Don't miss this exciting episode of Muscle Girls Inc. and continue your journey to a better you!!!!!!



Muscle Girls Inc (09/30/14) : This Week welcome guest IFBB Bikini Pro Stephanie Mahoe

Our guest this evening  is an IFBB Bikini Pro and model who was born and raised in Hawaii, and currently resides in (Orlando), Florida.
She is managed exclusively by Fitness Management Group and sponsored by BeautyFit, ProTan and All that glitters gems.
She is coached by Shannon Dey and is a regional coach for other Bombshell Fitness athletes. She recently just competed in her very 1st Bikini Olympia and placed 10th! Well done!! Please give a warm welcome to the beautiful Stephanie Mahoe to MGI 



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