Iron Mag Labs Bros V Pros 15 at The Emerald Cup - Wrapup


Bros V Pros 15 at the Emerald Cup in Seattle hosted by Brad and Elaine Craig is now history! Over the course of 15 events fans have seen Bros come from out of the woodwork to take down some of the strongest pros on the planet. Well, this was a first in having a Pro strongman defend the Pros honor only to be beaten by... Two fellow Pro Strongmen! Dave Palumbo and Tad The Diet Coach MC'd a spectacular event to thousands via our LIVE Stream and to the hundreds in the audience while Johnny Styles, Louis Uridel and the omnipresent SallyAnne Taylor ran the production side of things.

American Strongman Corporation Pro and Seattle resident Andrew Palmer was beaten in both mens events by OTHER American Strongman Corporation Pros. The 6' 5” 380lb Palmer was self assured in victory leading up to this event. Bros V Pros promoter Bryan Hildebrand trained with Palmer earlier in the week and watched as he squatted all the way up to 685lbs and then did a final set of 585lbs for 10 reps. He finished his session with a first ever 315lbs for reps attempt and after 30 reps, he sat the bar down and said “that'll do!”

Unfortunately for Palmer, who has one of the most epic beards in any sporting competition today didn't know that fellow pro strongman and Lakeland Florida police officer Scott “The Vanilla Gorilla” Weech would not only win the Sultans of Squat III event on the day before Bros V Pros, but as it turns out, would win the mens 315lb deadlift with 46 reps to take home the $1,500 Bros V Pros first place check.

Meanwhile on the ladies side of the scorecard, IFBB Pro Sabrina Taylor was out muscled by the Roller Derby Queen turned powerlifter, Amy Payne who nailed an amazing 54 reps with the 185lb bar and took home $750 in cold hard cash. Sabrina took it like the champion she is and waited for the curl round before showing how much heart she has. Taylor, who won the 2012 Titans Womens Physique Pro Show certainly knows how to garner strength for a final push into an event.

A true last minute entry to the womens curl event was NPC physique competitor Ally Baker. She was the first athlete to give the 60lb bar a ride and ride it she did. She set a standard of 62 reps sans straps that proved too much for the remaining competitors. However, as is the custom, the Pro is the last athlete to lift in the Bros V Pros events and it was Sabrina Taylor extracting a bit of revenge of her own by grinding out rep after rep in the 60lb bar curl and climbed to a total of 80 reps before announcing “no mas”!

In the mens curl events, ASC mens pro Andrew Palmer was beaten once again by another ASC pro strongman in Marshall “Sweet Dub” White who took out another record by curling the 110lb bar for 70 reps without a single pause. The 6'6” 360lb Ginger just dropped the weight and said “I'm done”! Sweet Dub who is always popular with the ladies wherever he travels, entered on a whim the day before after not being able to compete in the Sultans of Squat III event due to an injury to his quad. He inquired as to how much Bros V Pros was paying out and was informed of the $2K available for the men exclaimed “I'm in'! Marshall was certainly affected in the deadlift, but had room left in the proverbial tank as he cruised through the curl reps with an unorthodox style for the win.


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For more on Scott Weech, he will be this weeks guest on the Rx Power Hour with Mike Johnston and Bryan Hildebrand.


1. Scott Weech - 46 reps
2. Ivan Ribic - 45 reps
3. Joe Chouinard - 40 reps
4. Marshall White - 37 reps
5. Ric Rabourn & Gilbert Marquez - 35 reps
6. Matt Sahmer - 31 reps
7. Andrew Palmer & Brandon Morrison - 30 reps

1. Amy Payne - 54 reps
2. Susie Thorpe - 49 reps
3. Joan Jennings - 44 reps
4. Dana Rygwelski - 40 reps
5. Leann George - 35 reps
6. Sabrina Taylor - 30 reps


1. Marshall White - 70 reps
2. Joe Chouinard - 64 reps
3. Ben McKinlay - 45 reps
4. Andrew Palmer - 43 reps
5. Scott Weech - 10 reps

1. Sabrina Taylor - 80 reps
2. Ally Baker - 62 reps
3. Leann George - 48 reps
4. Dana Rygwelski - 43 reps

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