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Proloc Collars: Official Collar of Bros V Pros!


Bros V Pros is proud to announce a new partnership with Proloc Collars. At several of our events, I had issues with worn out, tired and simply ineffective bar containment devices not holding plates in place, especially in the deadlift. Proloc has developed a product that will solve that problem to ensure a fair and firm engagement at all of our events!


Proloc Collars are a new and innovative way for weight lifters to secure weights to Olympic bars. The design allows a strong “lock” for attached equipment, and also assures the weights remain secure during any workout. Our standard color is Black but they are also available in several other colors. Visit our website to see if we have the colors to suit your needs.

Proloc Collars are made of durable nylon to withstand the abuse of everyday wear and tear and have easy on/off knobs that accommodate all users. They are universal and can attach to various size bars (including swiss bar, econo farmers walk, logs, rackable cambered bar, safety squat yoke bars and solid fat bars). We take Pride in manufacturing our product in the USA.

Visit our website www.proloccollars.com or email us at [email protected]



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