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Breaking News: Bros V Pros 14: The Return to Deer Park Golds Gym, NY!



It may seem difficult to top the Bros vs Pros 13 John Kemper Memorial that took place in December at Diamond Gym, but as marijuana-smoking SUBWAY sandwich pitchman (and Olympic Gold Medal record holder) Michael Phelps said: “I won't predict anything historical; but nothing is impossible.” As we approach a fourth year of Bros vs Pros competitions, it seems fitting to head back to where it all began; New York, baby!

Osta-Gain presents Iron Mag Labs Bros vs Pros 14 will take place at Deer Park Gold’s Gym in Edgewood, New York inn Central Long Island. Bros vs Pros 5 was held in this same facility to a standing room only crowd as Rx Muscle luminaries such as Mr. G, Jimmy the Bull and others entertained the Christmas time crowd with mind numbing hilarity while American Strongman Corporation Pro Derek Poundstone took home the cash for the men besting IFBB Pro Ben White and gym bro Mark Lerch. This next event will have a bit more drama as several heavy hitters in the industry are looking to take home the more than $3,000 in cash sprinkled over 4 separate events.

Looking to prove his formidable presence in the IFBB and as both a brutal athlete in the gym and tenacious competitor onstage, IFBB Pro Seth “Ferocious” Feroce will be hanging and banging in the deadlift to try and bring the money and bragging rights home to the Pros. As we’ve seen to date, the gym Bros take home the cash far more often than not, and with the King of the Bros vs Pros deadlift Mark Lerch bringing his posse back out to New York, it will prove to be one hell of a contest. Last time Lerch entered at Bros vs Pros 11 Grudge Match, he took on Derek Poundstone, one of the strongest men to ever walk the earth, (in Derek's own gym)... and beat him handily. A true feather in Marks cap was placed that day, but humility set in when Derek won the 1-rep max deadlift with a massive 850lb bar bending pull.

The ladies seem to take a bit of a back seat to the guys sometimes. However, at Diamond Gym in December, we had 5 lady IFBB Pros competing compared to the 4 men’s pros who showed up. The winner, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Colette Nelson blew the doors off everyone that day by nailing not only the bench press with 59 reps, but grinding and swearing her way to an astronomical 100 reps in the curl event. The girls put on one righteous show but in the end, IFBB Pro Colette took home all of the cash. Well, we have invited her back to see if any of the girls would like to exact revenge on the brutally strong busty blond, and the girls are responding with surprising enthusiasm.

Two-time ladies Bros vs Pros deadlifting champion Rebecca Klopp is trekking in from Pennsylvania to defend what she feels is rightfully hers; the deadlift title. Rebecca is a well-rounded athlete. She has competed on an NPC Figure stage, the Europa powerlifting stage and most recently, the strongman stage. To say she is strong, gives strong a weak name. Her perseverance was tangible on stage at both Bros vs Pros 11 and 12, so it comes as no surprise she has the will to take on the amazing Colette Nelson. The story doesn't end there; however, as there are 4 more IFBB Pro ladies and a hand full of NPC competitors who intend to show that they too are forces to be reckoned with.

Deer Park Gold’s Gym was recently purchased by IFBB Pro Dave Watson after near collapse from its previous owner. Gym members, some who have been there since the beginning 23 years ago, refused to let the gym go and found a savior in Watson who is breathing new life back into the historic old school gym. “Some of the members were waiting around until literally the end as they announced they were going to officially close the doors. We came in just in time to keep it open and make these people happy” explains Watson. So to say there is a connection to the gym roots and where it’s headed today is nothing less than fantastic.

Osta-Gain, the longtime title sponsor of Bros vs Pros is joined by one of the industry’s leading supplement companies in Iron Mag Labs. Together, these cutting edge companies have allowed us to bring a quality team to produce what will be the greatest Bros vs Pros yet. You can visit Osta-Gain at their website as well as Iron Mag Labs to check out all their fantastic products.

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