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Bros vs Pros XI: Revenge of the Fallen!

Bros vs Pros 11: Revenge of the Fallen!

Harken back to December 3rd, 2011 at Bros vs Pros IV at Jakked Hardcore Gym outside Chicago. Our Pro for that event was the two time Arnold Strongman Classic and America's Strongest Man winner, Derek Poundstone. Derek was set to show the world how many times and how easily 405lbs could be pulled from the floor. In talking with Derek in the weeks leading up to that event, he equated himself to an Anti-Gravity machine. He told me he was unbeatable. No one person could take away what was rightfully his. Well, Derek didn’t compete that day. He injured his back in training for the Arnold Strongman and proved, he was beatable... unfortunately he defeated himself.

That day in Chicago a young man from Long Island, NY came to defend his title as the best deadlifter Bros vs Pros had ever seen. At Bros vs Pros 7, Mark Lerch pulled that massive 405lbs a total of 34 times to win in New York. In Chicago, he proved it once again by hoisting that same weight 37 times. He defended his championship with nary a concern. Derek gave Mark and everyone motivation to win that day. “Since I can not compete today, the winner of this event will be invited to my gym where we will host a Bros vs Pros where you will have the opportunity to try and defeat me!”

That day has now been made official. Derek is opening the doors to his own Poundstone Performance Training Center in Waterbury, CT on Sunday July 1st, the day after the Hartford Europa. He is challenging all bodybuilding and powerlifting badasses in a 405lb deadlift for reps! Bros vs Pros 11 - Revenge of the Fallen will pit Poundstone vs Lerch vs the World and a shot at $2,000 for our winner. Special guest and 2012 Arnold Strongman Classic champion Mr. Incredible Mike Jenkins will be our guest judge. If this show is like the past few, it will be chalk full of IFBB pro’s and top ranked NPC athletes. This show is a do not miss event!

No, we haven't forgotten about the ladies. Yes, the ladies format will once again be a grueling test of strength and endurance. Two events this time consist of bodyweight deadlifts and 50% bodyweight curls are on the menu for the ladies. Our last winner in St Louis was our RxGirl Editor in Chief and NPC competitor Gail Auerbach. Previously IFBB Physique Pro Mikaela Soto won in Phoenix and World Champion Powerlifter Amanda “Barbell Barbie” Harris won in Chicago. A diverse group of ladies for sure and remember, $1,000 is on the line for the ladies challenge.

Stay tuned into www.rxmuscle.com for more information about this event. See Poundstone Performance Training Center here: www.poundstoneperformance.com/index.html

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