Bros vs Pros X: The Girls, Breaking News!

Breaking News from Bros vs Pros X in St louis. Returning Champion Amanda Harris camp reports that she has suffered an injury and wont be able to defend her title.

"Amanda tore or seperated a rib from her sternum in training a few days ago. She broke down in tears when her doctor told her no heavy lifting for 6-8 weeks. She tore the costal cartilage from her ribs 3 & 4 while benching. The only encouraging news is that there was no pec tear involved as part of the injury. Because of this Amanda will not be able to defend her title at Bros vs Pros in St Louis."

With an incredibly stacked field, several of the athletes in St Louis are breathing a sigh of relief knowing that the multi-world powerlifting champion won't be making the trip to compete. Dave Palumbo expressed his sympathy and hopeful return to competition as soon as she is able. From all of us here at RxMuscle, we wish Amanda a speedy return to training and we hope to see her at our next Bros vs Pros later this spring...

In other news, Bryan Hildebrand's unannounced ringer for the Mens event was to be ASC Pro Strongman and newly crowned Arnold Strongman Classic winner Big Mike Jenkins. Mike had tickets booked to St Louis but will not make the trip. With his win last weekend in Columbus, he received a special invitation to Australias Strongest Man next weekend, which is a qualifier for Worlds Strongest Man event. A top 3 finish there will guarantee him an early entry to the 2012 Worlds Strongest Man and a bit of a breather over the summer. In addtion, IFBB Pro Tazzie Colomb had a last minute conflict and has informed me she can not make the trip up from Louisiana.

Stay tuned to RxMuscle.com for more Bros vs Pros news and event coverage next weekend and be sure to catch our live stream in Muscle Central of all the Bros vs Pros event brought to you by Hydrolyze Ultra.

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