Bros vs Pros "Squat 'til You Drop" 8 Update:

The Precision Peptides Bros vs Pros 8, “Squat 'til You Drop” is right around the corner. Over the past 18 months, we have had some  big, big names in our hugely popular events. IFBB Pro Bodybuilding champion Ben “The Showstopper” White, IFBB Pro Mike Liberatore. IFBB Pro Jose Raymond, IFBB Pro Tazzie Colomb, APA World Powerlifting Champion Brian Siders, American Strongman Corporation Strongmen Ryan Bracewell and Mike Jenkins, America's Strongest Man ASC Pro Derek Poundstone, Hardcore powerlifting Champion James Henderson, and many more. The athletes representing the “bros” may not have the fame or glory that their “pro” contemporaries do, but rest assured, they have laid the smack-down and defeated even some of the most grizzled of veterans.

However, Precision Peptides Bros vs Pros 8 is turning into a who's who in the IFBB. Not only will we be in a state-of-the-art, brand-spanking new Metroflex Gym operated by Josh Barnett, we have confirmed that no fewer than 10 IFBB Pros will be competing or in attendance at Bros vs Pros 8 in Phoenix, Az on August 28th. For the very first time, we’ll have an IFBB Pro Champion Troy Alves as a Guest Judge. And, our PRO for this event is the massive Canadian, IFBB Pro Mike Van Wyck.

Among those confirmed to compete at this star-studded event are:

IFBB Womens Figure Pros: Mikaila Soto and Patty Wilson

IFBB Womens Bodybuilding Pros: Janet Kaufman, Tazzie Colomb and Diana Stanback

NPC Womens Physique Competitor: Nola Trimble

NPC Womens Bodybuilding Competitor: Anita Ramsey 

NPC Mens Bodybuilding Champion: Dusty Hanshaw


The celebrity contingency will be huge with IFBB Pros. Confirmed to be in attendance and help support the athletes cause are IFBB Pros Ann Titone, IFBB Pro Dennis James, Stryker Soloman, IFBB Pro Johnny Jackson and IFBB Pro Ed Nunn. Many others in the upper-echelon of bodybuilding have expressed an interest in staying an extra day after the Phoenix Pro to find out what this Bros vs Pros event is really all about and support their contemporary, Mike Van Wyck.

Precision Peptides is returning yet again as our marquee sponsor. After Jim Tamborelo and Gavin Smith saw the spectacle of Bros vs Pros 7 in Lyndenhurst, NY, they knew they wanted to be a part of many more of these events. Precision Peptides is the industry leader in peptide research products in the U.S. and they awarded more than $3,000 in prizes to our competitors at Bros vs Pros 7!

Our good friend Jack Titone, owner of Hydrolyze Ultra Water, also loves our Bros vs Pros events. After all, his wife IFBB Figure Pro Ann Titone beat all the other female competitors as well as most of the men at Bros vs Pros 7! They are looking forward to another huge response from not only the 5,000,000 plus population in Phoenix, but from the massive online contingency that tunes into our Live Streaming of Bros vs Pros and the play-by-play run by Sally Anne Taylor on the rxmuscle.com forum.

Liquid Sun Rayz is new to Bros vs Pros, but not the industry. Considered a leader in tanning and bronzing for athletes and the average consumer, Liquid Sun Rayz is taking notice on bodybuilding stages around the country by providing unparalleled customer service. Liquid Sun Rayz will be on hand to demonstrate how well their product work by spray tanning our very own behind-the-scenes video guru, Pete The Intern. Come see for yourself how they can turn pasty white Pete into a bronze god!

And, as has become an insane tradition at RxMuscle, the infamous Eating Challenge will take place at the Hooters in Tempe at 7:00pm on Friday August 26th. We are working on a wing-eating challenge to bring even the heartiest food-gorging veterans to their knees.

Not only will you be able to meet and greet all the celebrity athletes, but you can do it for free! Remember, 2pm at Metroflex Gym at 17035 North Holmes Blvd in Phoenix, Az. (in Glendale off of I-17). Join Dave, Bryan, SallyAnne, Chris Aceto and the rest of the Rx Muscle crew that brings you the only event of its kind. It’s Intense; it’s Huge; and It’s FREE!

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