Bros vs Pros 8: Press Release


Precision Peptides Presents Bros vs Pros 8: Summerslam II: SQUAT TILL YOU DROP! For the first time on the West Coast, our 2nd Bros vs Pros of the Summer of 2011 will take place at Josh Barnett's Metroflex Gym in Glendale, Arizona on Sunday, August 28th (1 day after the IFBB Phoenix Pro Show). Sponsors include Precision Peptides, Metroflex Gym, Glendale, Az, Hydrolyze Ultra, Primal Nutrition and Hooters.

The Mens event should prove the most challenging with Canadian Monster, IFBB Pro Mike Van Wyck, representing the IFBB Pro Bodybuilders. He’ll be taking on all-comers in a battle for reps with 405lbs on the squat bar! $2000 cash plus prize packages goes to the winner!

Our platform is ever changing and we’ll be presenting a new challenge for the Phoenix Bros V Pros 8: The Co-ed 2-Event Medley Challenge! The Co-ed Medley (men and women competing against each other) will consist of two events: Bodyweight squats and half-bodyweight curls. Most reps wins! If you think the women are at a disadvantage in this event, think again. The women will have to lift a lighter percentage of their bodyweight: 40% in the curls; 80% in the squat. With no handicap, IFBB Figure Pro Ann Titone beat most of the guys at Bros vs Pros 7. This time the women will have an even greater edge! Winner takes home $1000 cash plus prizes from all our sponsors!

The brand spanking new Metroflex Gym is THE place to train in the Phoenix metropolitan area and features some of the best equipment the industry has to offer. Start time for this event will be at 2:00pm Sunday, August 28th. This event will be hosted by our very own Dave Palumbo. Be sure to stop by to meet the Rx Muscle Whack Pack as well as all the Rx Muscle staff and supporters.

For more information or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Bryan Hildebrand at [email protected].


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