The Showstopper

Some men are not the sum of their total parts. Each piece is made from a different experience encountered in that persons life. When I looked into the complicated and intriguing world of Ben White, it became clear he was undoubtedly, the sum of all of his parts.

Ben White came into the bodybuilding scene nationally when he competed at the NPC Nationals in 2005. With a disappointing finish out of the top 16, Ben took in through critique and then hard work to re qualify and come back to win the Super Heavyweight and Overall titles at the USA Championships in 2007. That show gave him his IFBB pro card where he went on to finish in the top six in three of his first four pro shows.

In 2010, Ben paired with nutrition expert Dave Palumbo, to win his first show at the Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships. 2011 has been a bit of a struggle for the former champion but is working to rebound through additional hard work and strict attention to nutrition.

However, Ben's exploits don't start nor end there. As a kid, Ben learned to lift in a powerliftingfashion. “Every time I went to the gym it was to see how much weight I could move. I got toned up, but I didn't gain a whole lot of size. That's because I wasn't eating right or any where near the amount of food I needed to grow. I weighed between 175 and 180 back then. “ Since then he has gone on to have competition lifts of a 700lb deadlift and a 605lb raw benchpress. “I had a goal of becoming the best bench presser in the world, but I got disgusted by all the accessories and equipment that are being used now. It's really ruining the purity of the sport.“ Ben is also a member of the 600lb Raw Benchpress Hall of Fame.

This former two-time Bros vs Pros competitor knows how stiff the competition can be at the now famed Bros vs Pros events. Ben felt he stood a good chance against at the Bros vs Pros 5. All of that quickly changed when a giant shadow walked into the gym and set the place quiet. It was non other than 6' 2”, 335lb America's Strongest Man and Worlds Strongest Man runner-up, Derek Poundstone! Derek and Ben squared off mightily, but in the end, the mightly strength athlete crushed everyone that day.

The Showstopper is looking to to avenge his defeat in NY. Keep in mind, Ben had only two weeks to prep for this event. Amit Sapir, Canadian IFBB Pro withdrew from our event at the last minute to focus his sites on the Mr. Olympia 202 showdown later this year. The Showstopper: “I won the 2010 Tampa Pro after competing at the Bros vs Pros 4 Deadlift”; so maybe competing at this event will sway the bodybuilding gods in my favor?”




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