RX Power Hour (4/25/13) Trainer of Superstars Josh Bryant, plus Real Men go to church!!










Hosted by Bryan Hildebrand & Mike Johnston!



This week's Rx Power Hour Strength Radio :

Have you ever had the chance to make a big impression on the stage, platform or at a show and not have your head in the game? Have you gotten nervous, missed a seemingly easy opener or thrown up before your lift? This week the boys are privileged to bring to you the Trainer to the Strength Superstars, Josh Bryant. Josh works with some of the best int he game; Jeremy Hornstra, Al Davis, Branch Warren, Johnnie Jackson, Orlando Greene, Robert Wilkerson and many more. Josh gives us clues to the Psychological mistakes we make leading up to and on game day. This is a do not miss interview on how to bring your game to the next level!

Bryan rants about Christian marketing ploys and how "real men go to church." Mike counters with some Jesus Phish discussion, this weeks Beer of the Week, Marilyn Chambers, the original Ivory Snow girl is one third of FMK this week and listener questions puts Mike on the spot about his career. Sin City IV from Las Vegas discussion and how the boys from the ASC dominated the top spots and Bryan gets "rear ended" in Vegas!

This and a whole lot more on the Rx Power Hour with Mike Johnston and Bryan Hildebrand. 





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