A Call to Arms: Europa Games Giants Live Qualifier

lukeskaarupslideName: Luke Skaarup

Age: 35
Nickname: The Iron Viking
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 305 lbs.
Years competing: 8, first competition of 9th year.
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer. I work as an engineering manager for a large natural gas utility. I've been with the same company for 12 years.

luke1Where do you train?

I train in my garage, my man cave.

Do you have a coach or a training crew?

Not at present.


iFathom, Skaarup Construction, and Naturally Fit Thunder Bay.

How did you first get started in Strongman?

Without any events training or experience, I signed up for the Ontario's Strongest Man competition in 2007 (like a state championships, national qualifier) and placed 9th out of 24 competitors. Two weeks later I competed at a lighter novice/intermediate show where I placed 1st out of 20 competitors... I've been hooked ever since.

luke3Who is your strength icon?

The great Kaz, of course, and Big Z.

Zydrunas continues to amaze me with how strong he really is. Most of his record breaking lifts look quite easy... makes you wonder how much more he could do if he wanted to.

Significant other/ family?

Married to my beautiful wife Nicki almost 10 years, and we have four children – Brayden, 9; Gabby, 7; Logan, 5; and Charlotte, 3.

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Dave Daly

Age: 28
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 275 lbs.
Years competing: 5
Occupation: LW Pro Strongman

Where do you train?

Jakked Hardcore Gym in Montgomery, Illinois.

Do you have a coach or a training crew?

I train with the Powercorps team at Jakked.


Supremacy Apparel.

How did you first get started in Strongman?

I was in the middle of a body transformation when realized that I was pretty strong. While in the middle of a conversation about if I should try strongman or powerlifting, one of my friends stopped me. He said, "Strongman? You could never do that. Those guys train their whole lives for that. You can't do that." I don't like when people tell me I can't do something.

dd2Who is your strength icon?

When I was getting into the sport, I didn't have an Icon. I was fans of guys, but no one I wanted to be. My goal was to be the strongest guy in the gym. And when I accomplished that goal, I would move to a new gym. Now that I'm at Jakked, everyone has a special talent that to be better than everyone is going to take quite a bit of time. But if I had to say who it is now, it would be Hafþór Björnsson. The goal isn't to be him, it's to beat him.

dd3Significant other/ family?

My family is my greatest support team. They have traveled from Utah to Mississippi to Vegas to Iowa and will be attending this show in Orlando. They have my back 100% and it helps more than they know. Also my wonderful girlfriend, who understands the sacrifices I have to make to follow my dreams. It's rare to have someone so selfless and encouraging.

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MikefarmerAthlete: Mike Kromer

Vitals: 41 years old, 5’10”, 340 lbs.

Experience: 15 years of active Strongman competition.

Gym: RABFitness.

Coach/ Crew: Training crew is Lisa Kromer, Xavier Kromer, Gilbert Marquez and who-ever else wants to bring it!

Occupation: Environmental Specialist.

Sponsors: Hydraulix.Miketruck


RxPH: How did you first get started in Strongman?

Mike: In 1998, I did my first show in Bend, OR, put on by Gus Rethwisch.

Rx PH: Who is Mikeyokeyour strength icon?

Mike: Most definitely Paul Anderson. His strength and faith are an inspiration.


Rx PH: Significant other/ family?

Mike: My wife Lisa Kromer, who will be competing on Friday at Amazons Live and my sons Xavier (12 y/o) and Samuel (1 y/o.)



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Athlete: unnamed-1Ken Nowicki

Vitals: 26 y/o, 5’ 11”, 295#.

Nickname: Wookie.

Experience: 7 years of active Strongman competition.

Gym: Shaw Strength in Denver, CO.

Coach/ Crew: I train with 2 x WSM Brian Shaw and 105 Kg Pro Tyler Stickle.

Occupation: College student.unnamed-2

Sponsors: I am very lucky to have the backing of a select group of fantastic
companies: Met-Rx for all my supplements, Teamwork Therapy in Northglenn, CO for keeping me in one piece, Rehband UK for all my supportive equipment, and Cerberus Strength for lifting equipment .

RxPH: How did you first get started in Strongman?

Ken: I initially got started in strongman by watching a charity competition and competed in one the year after. Since then I have been lucky enough to win 4 Scottish titles (2 UKSC SSM; 1 Junior UKSC SSM; 1 SSM), runner up at UKs Strongest Man 2011, win Junior UKs Strongest Man 2011, compete at the Arnold 4 times, compete in China 3 times and see places I never imagined I would. I owe a lot to strongman!

Rx PH: Who is your strength icon?unnamed-6

Ken: When I first started the sport it would have been Svend Karlsen or Mariusz Pudzianowski because they were incredible to watch growing up; but now I have to say Shaw because he helps me so much on a daily basis to get better.

Rx PH: Sigunnamed-5nificant other/ family?

Ken: My mother, father and brother have been a huge support structure for years, I know without that support in the early years I wouldn't have ended up achieving what I have. Since my father’s passing 5 years ago that's become even more motivation to reach my goals.

I'm lucky enough to have an amazing woman in my life too and Monica has been a huge support in every way since moving to Colorado and is always at my shows ensur-ing I have everything I need!



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Athlete: Antdbhony Sberna

Vitals: 21 by the competition, 6’ 5”, 300#

Nickname: The Berserker

Experience: 1 year of actsitive Strongman competition.

Gym: Strongman Sanctuary at Sin City Crossfit.

Coach/ Crew: Justin Purcell is my training partner.

Occupation: College student and part-time for GNC..

Sponsors: I hope to have one soon.

RxPH: How did you first get started in Strongman?

Anthony: I always loved to be strong. Ever since I was a little kid I always wanted to be a strongman. When I was finished playing football the opportunity knocked to start com-peting and here I am today 1 year later.

Rx PH: Who is your strength icon?

Anthony: Robert Oberst

Rx PH: Significant other/ family?

Anthony: My Dad will be coming down to support me.


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 Athlete : Nick Brewer

 Vitals: 26 y/o, 6’0”, 2frame53#.

 Experience: 5 years of active Strongman competition.

 Gym: Brewer Barbell.


Coach/ Crew: I train myself and my ‘BREW CREW’ now. But, I’ve had many mentors and influential people add so much to me as a person and as an athlete. The two most influential are Neale Cranwell (2 x Mr.Universe) and Arram Eghoyan (90kg England’s Strongest Man.)
Occupation: Gym Owner/ Strength & Conditioning and MMA Coach/ Personal Trainer


Sponsors: My close friends and family have been my only support for years.


RxPH: How did you first get started in Strongman?


Nick: I started Karaviking1te when I was 2 years old and I’ve always been the strongest kid in my class. As I grew I got in fights with bigger and older kids and got kicked out of 2 dif-ferent schools eventually. I naturally gravitated towards weightlifting and MMA to chan-nel my energy. We’ve all seen Jon Pall Sigmarsson, Kaz, Magnus Samuelsson and many others do incredible feats of strength at World’s Strongest Man on TV and when the chance came for me to compete in London’s Strongest Man 2009, I didn’t hesitate for a second.


Rx PH: Who is your strength icon?deadlift


Nick: Mariuz Pudzianowski




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Atunnamed-1hlete: Justin Purcell
Vitals: 33 y/o 34 by the competition, 6’1”, 308#.
Nickname: The Juggernaut.
Experience: 4 years of active Strongman competition. 17 years of preparation.
Gym: Strongman Sanctuary at Sin City Crossfit.
Coach/ Crew: unnamed-2Trains with a great crew in Las Vegas.
Occupation: Personal Training and Supplement Sales.
Sponsors: Musclefoods USA, M.R.I.

RxPH: How did you first get started in Strongman?

Justin: I’ve always wanted to compete in Strongman since my early teenage years; I played football for 10 years and conditioned myself to transition into Strongman. The evolution of the athletes is amazing! When I moved to Vegas I started acquiring equipment and soon after started competing.

Rx PH: Whunnamed-3o is your strength icon?

Justin: Kaz for his Intensity, Poundstone for his mindset, Lalas for keeping up with the Giants!

Rx PH: Significant other/ family?

Justin: Maritza has been by my side for 12 years, nothing but support, meal prepping, and a good kick in the ass when I’m slacking. My 76 year old mom who still pumps iron and competes in powerlifting!


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