Profiles in Power #7: Sammy Cohen!


Sammy Cohen is a 21-year-old resident of Orlando, Florida. The 5'5" 140 lbs. Cohen is a finance major and trains at the University of Central Florida Recreation and Wellness Center. Let's learn more about this powerlifter and Figure competitor!

How did you get introduced to the iron?

I have always lived an active life, but when I came to college I stopped competing in gymnastics. And I knew I needed to do something to stay in shape, so I began going to the gym where I met my boyfriend at the time and he showed me how to work out and introduced me to the world of powerlifting.

You're majoring in finance at University of Central Florida; how did you choose that course of study and what is your ultimate career goal?

I have always been good at math and I know that having a business degree opens up many doors to a variety of jobs. I hope to one day do accounting for a nutrition or sports company.

How do you juggle classwork, gym time, and your daily life?

I have just learned to manage my time wisely. If you want something to get done you make the time for it.

How did you discover powerlifting meets?

After training for a couple months, and becoming confident in my lifts I decided I wanted to do a powerlifting meet. My first meet was Raw United where I ended up qualifying for RUM VII.


What sports did you play growing up?

I competed in gymnastics for 13 years and competitive cheerleading as well.

What are you doing to prolong your career?

I am just very cautious, gymnastics is a very dangerous sport so I have just learned to stretch and not push my body to the point where I will get an injury. I listen to my body. If I need to rest I take the day off.

Any advice for people looking to get into the sport?

The sport is very rewarding! It's a great feeling to hit new PR's. Everyone needs to start somewhere, so I just encourage everyone to give it a try and not be intimidated.

How long have you been training seriously?

I am a figure competitor and powerlift in my off season so I have been training seriously for less than a year.

sammy-figure-400In which federation or federations have you competed in Figure – NPC, OCB, other?


How did you become involved in Figure?

I became involved in figure through friends that had competed in competitions.

Do you have any Figure competitors you look up to or respect as a mentor or fellow athlete?

Nicole Wilkins and Candice Keene.

What are some of the lifts you are most proud of?

When I competed at RUMVII, I hit new PR's. I hit a 185 bench, 250 squat, and 303 deadlift at 132 lbs.

More than double bodyweight deadlift and nearly double on squat are impressive achievements. Do you have any PR's you'd like to hit at future competitions or in training?

I would like to one day bench 225, squat 300 and deadlift 400.

What does your weekly nutrition look like?

I am a figure competitor so I eat very healthy meals 6 times a day every day, usually chicken and brown rice.

Do you recommend any supplements?

The only supplements I take are Nutrex protein, pre-workout, aminos, and glutamine.

How much sleep do you get each day?

I try to get at least 6-8 hours a night.

Three most important movements?

Squat, Bench, and Deadlift

sammy-deadlift-400Any advice for new lifters?

Just stay motivated and dedicated; hard work produces great results. Consistency is key. Just try every day to be better than you were yesterday and you will soon look back and see how far you have come.

Do you have any role models in powerlifting?

Caitlyn Trout.

Do you have training partners?

No, I train by myself.

What's your current training split?

Monday: Legs (hamstrings)
Tuesday: Chest and Shoulders
Wednesday: Legs (Quads)
Thursday: Back and Biceps
Friday: Plyos, Calves and Abs
Saturday: Triceps and Shoulders
Sunday: Off

sammy-bench-400What is an example of some exercises you're currently using to training delts (or any body part) and what set-rep schemes are you employing?

I do a lot of presses and lateral raises.

How can people contact you for possible sponsor opportunities, etc.?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sammy.cohen.7
Instagram: Sammy__Swoles

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