Profiles in Power #6: Greg Panora

greg-fb-400Greg Panora, age 33, is a powerlifter and resident of Portland, Maine. The 5'10", 270 lbs. competitor has a teaching degree and is a strength coach at CrossFit Casco Bay Gyms. Panora trains at CrossFit Casco Bay and Dyna Maxx.

Let's learn more about powerlifter Greg Panora!

Q: How did you get introduced to the iron – by family, sports, friends, or your own interest?

A: I guess it was a combination of things. I wanted to be a better athlete and I realized being a 120-pound D Tackle wasn't going to fly. I also wanted something that was mine and powerlifting was it. No one else I knew was into it and I could totally lose myself in it.

Q: How did you discover powerlifting meets?

A: I was lucky enough to train at a powerlifting gym growing up and I just followed the big dogs.

Q: What sports did you play growing up?

A: Football, wrestling and shot put.

Q: In a sport rife with injuries, what are you doing to prolong your powerlifting career?

A: I train all my accessory work like a bodybuilder. No weak points = No injuries.

Q: Do you coach others?

A: That's how I pay the bills!

greg-400Q: Any advice for those wanting to get into the sport?

A: Don't look at what the greats are doing now; look at what they were doing 10 years ago. Spend time building a base and learning.

Q: What is your overall training philosophy?

A: Train like you compete. Never stop learning and never be happy with second place.

Q: How long have you been training seriously?

A: Thirteen years.

Q: How did the cover on Power magazine come about? Very cool.

A: I've been friends with Mark Bell for a while. He contacted me for an interview and turned it into a cover article. Mark is someone I admire greatly in the sport and it is much appreciated!

Q: Who has been your biggest inspiration or mentor in the strength game?

A: Louie Simmons, Brandon Lilly and Chad Wesley Smith of Juggernaut Training Systems.

Q: What are some of the lifts you are most proud of?

A: My 2,630 geared total, my 2,072 raw with wraps, 1,060 geared squat, 804 raw with wraps squat.

Q: What are the contests you are most proud of?

A: All of them!

Q: What's your next competition?

A: I'm not too interested in traveling around the country to compete anymore. I did that for years and now I'm doing this for me. I do wish Maine would get more involved in feds with a raw with wraps section. Anyway, I've just been doing local APF meets and my next one is a bench comp here in August.

greg-westside-400Q: What does your weekly nutrition, eating, meal plan look like?

A: Lots of eggs, meat and rice and veggies. Some junk here and there (my girlfriend's cookies are amazing).

Q: How much sleep do you get each day?

A: Eight hours at night and an hour or two during the day.

Q: What is your favorite movement at this time?

A: Squat because it's going well.

Q: What does your current training split look like?

1. Light Pause Bench, Military Presses, Dips
2. Goodmornings, Pull Ups, Leg Press
3. Abs
4. Heavy Bench
5. Heavy Squat or Deadlift and Light on the other (I rotate every week)

Q: What are the three most important movements for people trying to build strength?

A: Pause squats, pause benches, deficit deadlifts.

Q: Strength training, hypertrophy, or both when starting out?

A: Both.

Q: What is the worst competitive experience you've had (injury, etc.)?

A: I've never had any serious injuries and I've only bombed out once.

Q: Any advice for regular people trying to take their training to the competitive level?

A: Start by building a base. Learn from the best but think for yourself.

greg-gf-400Q: Training partners, yes or no?

A: Yes. I train with my girlfriend, Melinda Hurt. She is the biggest badass I know. Train with people who are better. I consider her a more solid lifter than myself.

Q: Any shout-outs?

A: My people at CrossFit Casco Bay, Juggernaut Training Systems, and everyone who stuck by me through the bad times.

Q: How can people contact you (email, social media, etc.)?

A: Facebook or [email protected]

Thank you, Greg. I really appreciate you taking the time to share with the readers of RxMuscle.com. Wishing you continued success in the sport.

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