The Strength Series, Interview #7: American Pro Strongman Stan Carradine!


Stan “Bear” Carradine, age 31, is a resident of Denver, Colorado. The 5’10”, 280-pound Pro Strongman has a career in broadcasting and trains at Colorado’s Pro Gym. Let’s learn more about new American Pro Strongman Stan Carradine!

Q: Who gave you your nickname “Bear”?

A: I got it when I played little league football. I was a pudgy kid. Would have been called tank, but a kid already had that name. haha

Q: What motivates you?

A: My mother motivates me. She is always pushing me to be the best that I can. I have my idols in the sports and they have their strengths, but with my mom, she has no kidneys, attends dialysis 3 times a week and has been doing so since I was 19 or 20. When I have a rough day, I always think of my mom and tell myself that my mom is having a rougher day. She is my super hero.   

Q: Your mother, Gloria, defines a strong woman. How is her health? I mean, is she doing well on dialysis? 

A: My mom's health is good, she has seen worse days. She continues to keep getting up, going to work every day, and dialysis three times a week. She is 55, but when people see her they think she is younger. People actually think we are bother and sister. I was raised by my mom and grandmother. Both women made sure I was respectful and well mannered. I owe everything I have done to both women. 

 stan-c-with-mother-gloriaQ: Can you share anything about your career? 

A: I actually don't have a degree in broadcasting. I applied for the job within my company and was grateful to get hired. In my third year now. I went to school for Kinesiology, but dropped out after my first year and never returned.

Q: How did you discover Strongman events?

A: I started watching strongman on TV when I was a freshman in high school and automatically saw something that I wanted to do.  But I didn’t start it until 2005 and was talked into it by the gym owner of the gym that I was going to. 

Q: Have you worked as a coach or a mentor? 

A: Never really was influenced to be a mentor. I never really see myself as a coach since I am always learning as I continue my journey.

Q: What team did you play semi-pro football for? 

A: I played two years for a team called the Metropolitan Wolverines. First year was fun but my second not so much. Myself and one of the coaching staff butted heads.

Q: And what was that experience like?

A: It was fun to start, but you were playing because you loved the game. We didn't get paid to play.

Q: Why Greco-Roman wrestling over freestyle?

A: I prefer Greco because it was all upper body strength… a lot of throws and flips. Wish I had stayed with it, but kind of glad I didn't cause I wouldn't be doing what I am today.

Q: You picked up Strongman in 2008, took part in your first competition in 2010, and are a new Pro Strongman now. Can you describe that evolution? 

A: It was a long road. Had more doubt in myself, thinking that I would not go anywhere with it. Seeing that I was short and not as big as most, I always doubted myself that I couldn't do what they did. But that was something that I have had to overcome many times, being told I was too small and not big enough.

Q: Have you reached your goal of an 800-pound bench press?

A: Not yet. Currently in a bench shirt I have pressed 730. I want to do it, but I put the 800 on the back burner for now.

Q: What are your PRs for squat, deadlift, and bench? 

A: Squat: 675 Raw.

Bench: 530 Raw, 730. 

Equipped Deadlift: 750 Raw. Training to hit 800 in 10 weeks.

Q: What activities do you do outside of Strongman?


A: I enjoy everything outdoors, from fishing, shooting guns, hiking, mudding in my ‘88 K5, and singing country music in my apartment. 


Q: That is a BIG vehicle! What color is your K5? (Before the mud. Lol)

A: Haha it is a beast and fun to drive! She is not working. Right now, I am working on it. But it is flat black and will be painting it matte black. It runs 35-inch Swampers with a 6-inch lift.

Q: Who are your country favorites? 

A: My favorite country singer would have to be Luke Bryan. I like Cash, Adkins, Mcgraw, Zac Brown Band, Florida Georgia Line, Aldean, Rucker, Turner, and the list goes on and on. But if you catch me with my iPod on and listening to country, it would be Luke Bryan.

Q: How do you train now?

A: Mondays: Overhead Pressing, Chest, Triceps and back. 

Tuesdays: Back or Front Squats. 

Wednesdays: Agility 

Thursdays: Deadlift, yoke, farmers or sandbag runs  

Friday: Off  

Saturday: Events  

Sunday: Off

Q: What kind of advice would you give to beginners who are looking to get bigger and stronger?

A: Always work on your foundation; don’t just jump into any strength sport thinking that it will be easy because you see the pros do it. Build your core, work on the endurance and muscle endurance. 


Q: Whastan-at about nutrition? How much do you eat, grams of protein per day? Do you count grams, macros, etc.?

A: I try my best to eat about 4-5 meals a day hoping to eat around 7000 cal a day. Now, do I count them? No. I use to, but I found when I did I was stressing myself out, so I stopped. 

 Q: Do you use supplements or do you favor solid food? 

A: Right now, I take a weight gainer, test booster, and multi-vitamin through a company that I am sponsored by called RFE Supplements. 

Q: If you supplement, do you recommend any particular brand or specific supplements?

A: I say all depends what you like. 

Q: How much sleep do you get each day?

A: I try to get about eight hours, but I have noticed that I am a bit of a night owl, so some nights I may get 6-7 hours. The worst I get is four. 

Q: Do you do anything specific for injury prevention or rehab? 

A: I make sure I stretch before I lift and on my days off. My favorite tool now is the Thera Cane, love that thing. 

Q: What are your favorite events? 

A: I enjoy pressing events, log, axle or dumbbell.

Q: How long have you been training seriously?

A: I have been training seriously for about 14 years, since I started powerlifting before strongman. I was real serious into that. 

Q: What are some of the lifts you are most proud of?

A: Non-strongman I am proud of my bench, squat and deadlift. For strongman, I am proud of my log press and yoke. 

Q: What are the contests you are most proud of?

A: I have to say I was proud of 2013 Nationals. I placed 20th. It was my first national event and it felt good to place that high out of 64 competitors.

Q: What are the three most important movements for people trying to build strength?

A: Squats, deadlifting and bench. 

Q: Any shout-outs?

A:  Big shout out to my mother Gloria. If not for her, I have no clue what I would be doing. For sure not this.  Shout out to Heather; she helped me get ready for my previous shows and travels with me. My crew, Mile High Strongman, my two sponsors – RFE Supplements and Nutrition Company of Colorado. 

Q: How can people contact you (email, social media, etc.)?

A: Email: [email protected]  

Facebook: Stan Carradine or Mile High Strongman  

Instagram: Stanleybuilt 

Thank you to Gail Auerbach for posting this interview and big ups to Mike Johnston for encouraging me to interview Stan. Check out Johnston and Carradine on the June 7th episode of The Rx Power Hour @ http://www.rxmuscle.com/radio//RXPowerHour06-07-14.mp3 

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