Bryans' X-Mas List: Training by Charles Glass


Since I am taking the plunge and attempting to fulfill a very long wish to compete as a bodybuilder, it only makes sense to learn from the best. Former IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Charles Glass has worked with the best of the best as well as average Joes to bring them to their absolute best. Glass runs an uber successful full service business where his services include a full nutrition (contest prep) plan, individual training sessions and he has developed a Fix Me Analysis to help individuals identify weak areas and how to improve on them through training. Long considered the best of the best when it comes to identifying and fixing lagging bodybparts or fixing aesthetic imbalances, Charles is able wto work with clients both in person and over the web.

Trainer of Champions Charles is considered the guru of training. He has not only been a competitive athlete since a young age, Charles has also trained many hundreds of top level athletes as well as non-athletes who just want the edge. Private training with Charles will give you the know-how and the results you’ve been looking for. You will finally see the progress that you’ve wanted for so long. Charles is an expert at identifying patterns that may limit your results and progress. He is world renowned for his many innovative training techniques, as well as his ability to develop top quality effective training programs for his clients. Peace of Mind to Guide You Through People who have set workout appointments with a trainer are more likely to be consistent with their workout program and this commitment produces much better results.

The Analytical Approach To Fitness Charles has written for several major fitness magazines and currently writes for Muscular Development magazine. He has contributed to numerous books on training and travels world wide to lecture on fitness. He is a scholar in exercise science and biomechanics. Charles has the rare ability to apply his knowledge on an individual basis for each and every client. He is the trainer’s trainer and assists many top level trainers on a continuing basis.


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