ASC Bringing it back to Hartford Europa


Hartford, Connecticut and the Europa Get Fit &Sports Expo will be the next stop for ASC.

ASC will bring the Europa Get Fit American Strongman and Strongman Fitness® Challenge to the Connecticut Convention Center in downtown Hartford, Connecticut on Friday June 29th and Saturday June 30. The event will feature men’s and women’s Strongman Fitness® classes as well as the LW and HW open classes. The Strongman Fitness® competitors will be vying for slots at the 2013 Strongman Fitness® World Championship. Open LW and HW competitors will be competing for a coveted ASC Pro Strongman Card.

“We are excited to be returning to my home state of Connecticut,” said ASC VP Mike Johnston, “the hometown crowd came out in force two years ago and the venue was phenomenal.” Johnston continued, “We are also very pleased to announce that a brand new event, the Bigg Dogg Strongg Giant Wheelbarrow load and carry, will close the show on Saturday afternoon.” The event will feature a 600 pound wheelbarrow that will be carried along an 80 foot course. Objects of various weights and sizes will be stationed along the course and loaded into the wheelbarrow as the competitors sprint toward the fish line.

Bigg Dogg Strongg the official equipment manufacturer of American Strongman Corporation will also be unveiling a Bigg Dogg Fitt line of strongman equipment in Connecticut. The Husafel Stone and the 10” Log will be feature events. Johnny Wasciko of Bigg Dogg Strongg said, “the smaller Fitt Line features the same rugged and durable craftsmanship of the Strongg Line, but the implements are smaller and more manageable for all sizes and levels of strongman, cross-fit, collegiate and high-school athletes.”

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