Gratitude from the Ortmayer Family

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As many of you know, Travis Ortmayer suffered an injury to his ankle during the Max Log event of the World’s Strongest Man finals in South Africa. Travis took a nasty fall with a 375 pound log after his foot got caught between 2 mats on the platform. Travis was able to fight out the final day’s events and earn a 5th place finish, however the 19 hour flight from South Africa to Washington DC combined with the ankle injury put a substantial strain on his already fatigued body. Lucy and Travis decided it was best for their family to return home to Houston where Travis could receive medical care instead of competing at America’s Strongest man in Las Vegas, which was to start just 10 hours after arriving back in the United States. Travis was able to see a doctor on the Tuesday following his return home. A series of X-Rays, scans, and other tests revealed severe bone bruising, several sprained tendons and ligaments, and a dislocated Fibula. He began passive rehabilitation immediately.

familyThe following Thursday evening, not a week after their return from South Africa, Travis’ wife Lucy was on her way home from training a late client at the gym. At 10:01 pm, Travis received a call that Lucy had been hit head on head-on by a drunk driver going 60 to 70 mph around a sharp curve not even a mile from their home. Thankfully their 11- month old son, Misha, was not in the vehicle as Lucy’s small Hyundai Tiburon was hit, spun, hit again, and eventually stopped by a steep ditch. The car was totaled from front to back. Lucy was able to wedge herself out of the vehicle as smoke started to come from the hood. She crawled across the street to the shoulder which is where first responders found her. The drunk driver had to be pried from his vehicle and carried by stretcher to the ambulance.

Travis, hobbling on crutches from his own injury, arrived on the scene within minutes to find Lucy cut-up by the glass and in shock. Lucy and the other driver were triaged into North Cypress Hospital and spent the night in the emergency room. Lucy suffered a severe concussion, whiplash, several bruised ribs, and deep lacerations all over her body as well as a burn across her chest and a badly banged up right knee. Lucy’s injuries prevented her from picking up Misha for 2 days and Travis’ ankle injury and the need for crutches made it difficult for him as well.

Lucy, Travis, and Misha have rallied together as a family to overcome the challenges with which they were presented over the last few weeks. Travis’ ankle is still very swollen and not healing well as he has not had a chance to rest it. Lucy, just 13 days off her accident, is bruised from the hips down and suffering frequent headaches. Misha, who turns 1-year old in 3 weeks, successfully broke through his first couple teeth last week but it did not come without some loud, sleepless nights.

family 3Both Lucy and Travis are trying to see their respective doctors and work as much as possible as they are both self-employed personal trainers can not afford to lose clients. 13 days after the accident, Lucy is still not able to get a rental car as the drunk driver has not yet reported the accident to his insurance company and is MIA. The family is down to Travis’ old, small pick-up truck which is not big enough for Lucy, Travis, and Misha’s car seat to all fit at once but some how they are managing their schedules to make it work.

Despite the adverse events of the last few weeks the Ortmayers consider themselves blessed to have an unshakable bond as a couple and the ability to feel their home with love for Misha. Lucy and Travis have confided in me how grateful they are for the kindness and support they have received from the Strongman community. They are allowing me to share the details of their lives over the last month because they feel blessed by your support and words of encouragement. Your thoughts and well-wishes have carried this young family further than you can imagine.

If you know anything about Travis and Lucy Ortmayer, you know that their mere existence as a family, as athletes, as a couple, and as parents, is based on love and faith that everything in life happens for a reason. They have a strong belief that God will not present them with more than they can handle along with the support from their friends and family.

30926_393637348739_48357248739_4201951_1758150_nThis week, both Lucy and Travis will begin the physical healing process and what could be a lengthy legal battle against a drunk driver with a notorious auto insurance company. Though times are hard at the moment, the Ortmayers have high hopes of full recoveries and are looking forward to celebrating their first born son turn 1-year old on November 4th. As we all prepare for the holiday season, please don’t hesitate to send a prayer or some words of encouragement down to Cypress, Texas. Lucy, Travis, and Misha appreciate your encouragement, prayers, kind thoughts, and uplifting words from the bottom of their hearts and they are exceptionally proud to be part of our compassionate Strongman community.

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