Let me be the first to welcome you to this unique journey with epic strength implications: The United States Strength Coalition!

Our Mission: The United States Strength Coalition is a strength federation that promotes strongman, powerlifting and Highland games. It is our mission to enhance strength sports through quality promotion with large scale venues and standardized strength contests placing an emphasis on athlete safety, while partnering with brands that benefit our athletes. 

If you are reading this letter posted into various strength forums, Facebook posts or bodybuilding websites YOU are NOW the target audience. Your mobile phone is brightly burning this message directly into your strength-infused brain. 

The same phone that probably has dark basement-style lifting videos of your last deadlift or bench PR, if I had to guess. The voyeuristic glance you are now asked to take inside of the USSC should excite the competitor in you. 

I am speaking to AthlUSSC eagle on whiteetes ONLY now... man or woman, whether you are a veteran, pro, amateur, novice or someone who has always been interested in strength sports but never received the proper call to action. Let me clear up any further confusion. This is our primordial strength call to action for all athletes interested in competing within the three major strength sports. 

The USSC has been created to accommodate ATHLETES that are interested in the revolutionary idea that strength sports can actually benefit its participants, become exciting for fans and lucrative for its sponsors. The USSC through large scale promotion, sport-based sponsorship and standardization of each sport with the long-term health concerns of its athletes, is loudly setting a precedent. 

We are setting a precedent for the athletes that are not just elitist and brash. We want athletes that are capable of walking the walk. The USSC athlete is a modern-day strength gladiator that will be polished, professional and presented as such. We want athletes interested in the education of their respective sports. And we want those athletes to arrive with a new found excitement for competition in their deadlift-hardened cores. 

The visceral interest you feel now piqued deep within your muscled innards is there because YOU, the reader, knows what it means to TRAIN... not JUST lift. You’ve sacrificed countless hours of yourself in the pursuit of strength. You know the burning feeling when friends, family or colleagues cast concerned and disapproving looks at you because of your passion. 

There is a need in you to accomplish the impossible through iron. You drive and push yourself to your limits while no one else around you has the capability to sustain your pace. They fall off. They rest while you become empowered! Your work ethic is heavily tempered through your strength training program and you know there could be something very unique about your journey if given the right chance. 

The tattered training journal you carry diligently every single day to your hallowed training ground bares the history of your expansive strength adventure to this point. You carry heavy pride in those ritualistic inscribed torture sessions scribbled down while out of breath and sipping post workout shakes. Each number written with a shaky proud hand at accomplishing the now recorded sadist strength task. 

You feel most comfortable donning a hooded sweatshirt or low brimmed hat that buries your connection to the outside world and allows you to focus with your utmost concentration. The comfort you find straining beneath a barbell is impossible to understand by someone from the outside world. 

The USSC was designed as an outlet for serious strength athletes like you, and we share that driving passion for competition. We as an organization KNOW what it feels like to yearn for the correctly tuned outlet of strength competition and have applied those needs to our coalition. The USSC was developed to allow your own unique passion for strength to manifest itself throughout our styled brand of promotion across three major strength sports: Strongman, Highland and Powerlifting. 

With that statement being said, the USSC would like to invite all of America's strength athletes to the inaugural 2014 USSC season. All men, women, teens, police, construction workers, stay-at-home moms, 300 lbs. massive men, 120 lbs. novice women competitors, Kilt-wearing Highland enthusiasts, Strongmen wanting to pick up a Highland caber and Powerlifters aching to put their static strength dominance on display. 

All Metal Benders, Weightlifters, swimmers, garbage men, secretaries, dog owners, neighbors, strong uncles or aunts... you get the point. We invite all of the driven athletes hiding out in their local gyms, Crossfit boxes and basements to come out and experience strength promotion the way it was always meant to be displayed. 

Our venues span exciting festivals, large stadiums, cheering expo centers and exclusive media outlets with our care being concentrated towards the athletes. The USSC invites you to hit a 20 lbs. deadlift PR in front of your boyfriend and his lifting buddies with your favorite music blaring and your fellow athletes cheering you on. 

We invite you to load a 420 lbs. stone at a packed baseball stadUSSC footer website whiteium, in front of 10,000 people, and enjoy the fireworks with your family afterwards. We invite you to set the new OFFICIAL USSC RAW 105kg total. We invite you to our strength seminars that will help you to learn the actual sports you will be competing in while being guided by official USSC judges. 

We invite all of your family to come to the beach this summer and watch our athletes set the USSC American Overhead Championship Records. We invite you to finally feel at home with your fellow athletes and USSC productions. 

Most importantly, the USSC invites you to unlock your passion and help define our very OWN brand of strength that you can be proud of. There are more athletes out there that feel, train and want to compete EXACTLY the way you and I do. All of these strength athletes are searching for a canvas to express their own individual form of art: the art of strength. The USSC, its competition board, official judges, gracious partners, promoters and myself, as co-founder, are inviting you, the athlete, to experience how addictive, positive, explosive and IMPORTANT your passion is to the USSC as an organization. Explore your passion through our brand of Strength sports. Define YOUR strength. USSC: Strength Defined!


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