2014 Worlds Strongest Man Athletes, Schedule and Events!


The 2014 Worlds Strongest Man as many of you know is not taking place in the Fall as what has become the norm. This year, CBS Sports has picked up the WSM for television and has a requested that TWI, the production group responsible for the WSM itself, move the event so it may air during a less competitive time of the year. Instead of showing during the holidays on ESPN in the U.S. market, It will air for the second year in a row on CBS Sports, but during the summer months so as not to conflict with the NFL, NBA and NHL seasons.

This years WSM is taking place starting this weekend, March 22nd at The Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, California. The athletes were picked by TWI with input from Giants Live promoter Colin Bryce and a few other "in the know" strongman folks from around the world. I was surprised to see a few new names getting a chance to show their abilities on the international stage as well as a few athletes unbeknownst to us here in the U.S.

Leading the groups are last years WSM champion Brian Shaw from the U.S. as well as the recent 7x Arnold Strongman Classic champion Zydrunas Savickas. Front runners from around the globe include Mike Burke from the U.S., Terry Hollands from the UK, and third place finisher last year Thor Bjornsson from Iceland.

Some of the new names and faces include Tomas Rodriguez, Mike Caruso, Rafal Kobylarz, Oyving Rein and Ben Kelsey.

Here are the athletes and their groups followed by the events that will be contested. A final definitive list of what events each group will compete with has not yet been confirmed.

Group 1

    Mike Burke
    Terry Hollands
    Frankie Scheun
    Øyvind Rein
    Tomas Rodrigues
    Warrick Brant

Group 2

    Jean-François Caron
    Ben Kelsey
    Robert Oberst
    David Ostlund
    Thor Bjornsson
    Rafal Kobylarz

Group 3

    Mike Caruso
    Lauri Nami
    Eddie Hall
    Jerry Pritchett
    Dimitar Savatinov
    Grzegorz Szymanski

Group 4

    Nick Best
    Mark Felix
    Eben Le Roux
    Zydrunas Savickas
    Laurence Shahlaei
    Bjørn Andre Solvang

Group 5

    Scott Cummine
    Graham Hicks
    Brian Shaw
    Mikhail Shivlykov
    Gerhard Van Staden
    Martin Wildauer


Loading Race
Vehicle Pull
Fingal’s Fingers
Squat Lift
Viking Press
Log Press
Atlas Stones
Car Walk
Super Yoke

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