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Xavier Wills' Blog Spot #1 "Muscle Misconceptions"

Xavier Wills Blog 24 7 power fitness blog Anabolic HypertrophyThis is the first of many blogs that I'll (Xavier Wills, Rx Muscle Australia Editor in Chief) be writing for Rx Muscle Australia courtesy of my terrific gym sponsor "24/7 Power Fitness Wanneroo". These blogs may be associated with personal bodybuilding/life updates, my view on industry news, diet/training information, video blogs, pictures, and really anything that I want to vent about or discuss.

The first blog kicks off with a little information on a word association within the bodybuilding/fitness industry, and to a slightly lesser extent within the mainstream media. In the second part I'll talk a little about my plans personally going forward with my own bodybuilding and upcoming news for the website.


The two words I'm going to discuss are "Anabolic" & "Hypertrophy".
Hypertrophy and Anabolic are words thrown around by both the educated and the uneducated within the bodybuilding/fitness industry.

Hypertrophy is confused with Muscle Hypertrophy & Anabolic is confused with anabolic steroids.

Before you know what they meanings of Muscle Hypertrophy & Anabolic Steroids, you should know what the the individual words actually mean.

HYPERTROPHY- Hypertrophy is the growth of organs or tissue because of the growth of the component cells.

ANABOLIC- Anabolic is a word that represents growth & strength. Anabolism is the growth of organs and/or tissue through a set of metabolic pathways. And yes your body can be in an "anabolic state" without the addition of exogenous hormones.


IMG 3471For those of you that have followed Rx Muscle Australia and have heard some of the older episodes of Aussie Muscle Radio, I have discussed on those older episode regarding a fatigue syndrome, hormone imbalances, and kidney issues i've had. I was eventually diagnosed and told a had a "chronic fatigue syndrome".

Eventually after doing more reading and hearing Ellena Reidie's story of her battle with Adreanal Fatigue I have come to conclussion that my symtoms relate a lot more to the typical syndromes of adreanal fatigue, not to mention this is a lot more common among bodybuilders.

My goals at the moment are to put together a few good months of training before I start dieting for the late shows in 2013 with a month or so in between to take training a little easier to manage my fatigue (granted it is 80% better than I was at my worst). So my main goal is to get on stage for the first time since 2010 with improvements.

The picture included in this article is of myself just a few days ago for those who care.


A huge thank you to Kerry Wood at 24/7 Power Fitness Wanneroo for supporting me and powering this blog. Bioflex Nutrition are also a great supporter of myself, with these 2 companies I'll be on a stage in 2013. Stay tuned for Part #2!

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