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Muscle Girls Inc (12/6/11): IFBB Pro Kimmi Cooper Morgan!


MUSCLE GIRLS INC The Next Generation!

IFBB Pro Kimmi Cooper Morgan won the Women's Physique Lightweight Class at the 2011 NPC Nationals!  Listen in and find out how Kimmi turned pro, and the hard work that led her to her pro victory!


IFBB Pros Cristina Vujnich & Dianna Dahlgren discuss the difference between healthy eating vs. eating to lose weight! 



Muscle Girls Inc (11/29/11): IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Laura Boisacq!


MUSCLE GIRLS INC The Next Generation!

IFBB Pro Laura Boisacq won the Middle Weight class and took home her pro card in bodybuilding at the 2011 NPC NationalsLaura talks with Muscle Girls Inc about managing married life with training for her Pro card win and how she managed to compete between pregnancies!



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