IFBB Figure Pro Essence Monet Rising Above and Onto the Pro Stage #2

essence3IFBB Figure Pro Essence Monet Rising Above and Onto the Pro Stage

Hey Peeps! As I write this today I am about 4 weeks out from the Dallas Europa show. I am not going to lie, this prep hasn’t been any easier than the last ones previous, but sometimes you just got to put the big girl panties/thong (whichever you like) on and just go. But I am not going to sit here and complain about. Why you ask??? Because it won’t get me anywhere but it will give someone a headache

It would be easy for anyone in this sport to just give up when it gets hard. I have always believed that you have to move forward in everything and anything you do in life. Sometimes you just have to put a smile on your face and roll with the punches. And in this sport that is definitely a day to day battle.

Now, no one asked me to compete, to diet for weeks on end, to stay at home or go to the gym 3 times a day. I decided to do it, so what would be the point in complaining and bitching about it. I think if you are going to do that then STOP because you are only making the people around you that are listening miserable. And not only that you are only hindering your own personal progress. Where is the fun in any of that????

I know that I have had my moments where I just wanted to punch everyone in the face, but I had to realize that this sport isn’t easy. If were easy everyone would have their pro cards and come in the way they would like to on stage. Obviously that isn’t the case, so you work with you got make the best of it and move forward. It’s just like what my Coach Shannon Dey says to me all the “Put your big girl panties on, stop whining and just Gooooo!!!” 

A tool that I like to use for myself is to think about the positive components of competing and what I want to get out of it at the end. What do you get out of it? What keeps your drive going? Where do you want to be at the end?  This sport has a lot to offer if you stay positive and keep away from the drama and negativity. Think about it this way, you are doing what most people wouldn’t even consider doing, dream of doing or even want to do!!! That what makes us COMPETITORS so awesome and crazy at the same time,  but in a good way.  We all have a drive to be the best and to become someone better then who we were the day before. We strive to be better, extraordinary, great, superb, amazing, wonderful people!! Who wakes up wanting to be just average? I know I don’t and you shouldn’t either.

So if you are in prep now like me, take the bessence4ull by the horns and make every rep count, go beast mode on every cardio session and enjoy the journey that you are on.

No one ever said this sport was easy… That’s why it called a competition. Be the one that stands out on top in Victory

Stay Classy, Lift Heavy, Love Hard and Always Keep it 100

Essence Monet
IFBB Figure Pro

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