Canuck Corner Installment #9

Canuck Corner Installment #9


Hi Everyone!

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Well summer is in full swing and with Canada and the US facing lots of hot weather lately, it can be hard to get into the gym and get motivated! This past weekend I found some new motivation after placing 2nd at the IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro-Am Extravaganza – my best placing as an IFBB Figure Pro to date! To say that I was/am excited is an understatement as this placing now bumps me into 2nd overall in the Figure Olympia point qualification standings, so dependent on the movement with other competitors, and my own plans for one last show before the Olympia , I could be competing in Las Vegas again in 2012!! ;)

Chicago was a whirlwind weekend with media events arranged by the show promoter, Tim Gardner, as well as lots of opportunity to hang out with my good friends (and fellow Canucks) Aleisha Hart and Kim Tilden. Kim and I roomed together and had a blast – yes all of us ladies ‘compete’ but the friends you make are certainly one of the highlights of this fitness lifestyle. Kim also helped me improve my back pose (which has plagued me for years) and helped me feel so much more at ease up on stage – Quarter turn to the right! My coach Tad Inoue had to attend another show on the weekend, however he was with me every step of the way via phone and text, to tweak food, water, etc. Thank you Tad!
So with the Chicago Pro over with and August almost here, I am now ready for a much needed summer vacation in Vancouver (yes 10 glorious days of friends, food and fun). With there being a long weekend here in Canada on August 6th, it is the perfect way to cap off 3 weeks of ‘rest’ before getting ready for my next leg of contest prep, in hopes of making it back to the Figure Olympia stage. I am also working with the lovely and talented Tamee Marie on a beautiful new suit, which is sure to be a head turner.
On the nutrition front, I have received a lot of questions lately about summer beverage options which don’t destroy your waistline, and so I wanted to share my favourite choices:
1 – Cucumber smoothie :1 whole cucumber (skin and all), 1 cup water, 1 cup ice cubes, 1-2 tsp splenda. Blend until smooth and serve.
2 – Mint Club Refresher : 1 can club soda over ice, with a sprig of fresh mint, and a tbsp of fresh citrus juice (grapefruit, orange, lime, lemon)
3 – Protein Packed Strawberry Cream Smoothie: 1 scoop Strawberry Cream Isobolic whey protein (by Nutrabolics), 1 cup water (you can also use regular, soy or almond milk), ½ cup ice, ½ cup fresh strawberries. Blend until smooth and serve.
I have also adopted a great workout for my gams – give it a try!
Giant Set 1:
Decline leg press (reg stance/mid plate, high stance/feet together, high stance/feet wide and turned out) – I do these all at once on the machine, 1 set after another
Wide leg deadlifts
Bulgarian Split Squats
Skipping (1 minute)IMG-20120707-00554
Dumbbell front squats
Giant Set 2:
Leg extension (toes in, toes out, toes neutral)
Lying hamstring curl
Butt Blaster
Dumbbell Walking lunges
Standing Calf Raises
For each of these exercises I perform 8-12 reps (dependent on the weight I am using), and three sets of each. This workout has really helped me condition and shape my lower body this season.
I hope that you all have an absolutely fantastic July and I will check back in early August with a look at my contest prep plans as well as all of the preparation for the Olympia . My sponsor Nutrabolics will be exhibiting and is assembling a great team to travel to Las Vegas . I would also like to welcome IFBB Bikini Pro Abbie Burrows to the Nutrabolics’ team – welcome Abbie!
Have a great week fitness fanatics!
Yours in health,
Natalie Waples
IFBB Figure Pro


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