Mavi: Bodybuilding's Bella Donna!

Beautiful women with beautiful bodies are not too hard to come by in this biz. Their prevalence is such that we have come to expect scintillating examples of the female form at every turn. Be it the Arnold or Olympia expos, national level bodybuilding contests, or various trade shows that support our industry, it's a foregone conclusion that you will be stumbling over more mad hot women than any other place on Earth.  Every once in a while though a girl comes along that defies even the high standard set in our world-- a genetic MAviLayingmasterpiece so scorchingly turned out that she'd make a bishop kick a hole in a stained glass window.   When they show up it's like an eclipse, a comet, a volcano erupting, or some other natural phenomenon that's as breathtaking as it is rare.  In that vain, Mavi Gioia is bodybuilding's Mount Vesuvius.  While her power and her heat are on par with Italy's most famous volcano, it's her curves that are potentially as deadly. Mavi is one of those genetic standouts that make you believe her presence on Earth could only be because of the good graces of God-perhaps he was feeling a little saucy?

No doubt Mavi is smoke'n hot.  But there's more to her than meets the eye.  We'd like for you to learn who Mavi is on the inside, but there's a language barrier here. Mavi speaks Italian; not English, and my Italian is really rough.  Thankfully, Mavi's husband, IFBB Pro Gian Enrico Pica  Was kind enough to help with the translation. So here goes:


JR: Let's start off with the basics, Mavi.  What's your height and weight?


MAVI FACEMG: I am 160cm tall and weigh 57.5kg  in contest shape and  61.5Kg  off season


JR: What's your birth sign?


MG: Virgo


JR: When did you start training?


MG: I started weight training seriously in 2000Mavi Rocks


JR: What was your first competition? How did you place?


DSC_5948MG: I first competed in 2002.  I placed  2nd.


JR: Do you prefer modeling or competing?

MG: I like competing but I much prefer modeling.


JR: Do you like to be photographed naked?


MG: I'm fine with it. I believe the human body is a masterpiece.  It can be made into a piece of art and it should be immortalized.


JR: Describe a typical day in the life of Mavi...

MAVI sensuous 

MG: I wake at 7.00 am.  I am a personal trainer and have clients for the first few hours of the day. Then I go to work at my husband's company. Then, at the end of the day we train together. Somewhere in the middle of all that I am also a housewife.


JR: Do you have any pets?


MG: Not now. But I would like to have one someday.


JR: What are three things that make you angry?


MG:  Hypocrisy, fake people....and  traffic....MAviSunset


JR: What makes you happy? 


MG: I am happy if my family is well, and I am well along with them.


MaviGrassJR: With all the great Italian food in Italy, is it hard to diet there?


MG: Not really.  We have great food with a lot temptation but it's pretty easy to diet here too....


JR: How do you like the food in the US?


MG: I like it A LOT!...............I love the choices and the  variety of all the different foods.


MAviJR: Who is your favorite female bodybuilder?


MG: Lenda Murray.


JR: What do you think of the new bikini division?  


MG: I think it is a good idea.  With bodybuilding, fitness and figure there is something for almost every woman. Now, for all girls who don't like so much muscles there is bikini.  Something for everyone.

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