RX Girl Exclusive Interview With IFBB Pro Eva Pogacnik

 “I just love the pro league and can’t wait for my next season!”

Please Eva, introduce yourself in a few sentences for the Rx Muscle readers.

My name is Eva Pogacnik and I’m an IFBB Pro Woman’s Physique competitor working as a personal trainer, nutritional and supplementation adviser. I would describe myself like stubborn, mind oriented, focused, friendly, honest, curious and funny. I love fitness and sport lifestyle. My great interests are healthy cooking, motor biking, downhill biking. I could say, at the same time: I enjoy discipline but also having fun and relax with close friends, traveling, studying about nutrition, training and health. The most of all I like feeling on the stage and I like to win!


Q: This year was your first year in the IFBB Pro league. Share with us your first impressions?

A: Uf, yeah I was extremely excited as was my family and my close friends. They are always supporting me as much as they can on my competition road. I can say I couldn't wait to feel the first year pro stage! I was really curious what could I do with my physique among all these competitors. I knew demands and idea how top woman physique should look like change from year to year. So me and my team tried to do the best based on information we got.

I knew that only after competition is finished I will have more info and personal experience how to improve for the next year. I have to say, I just love Pro league and can’t wait for my next season!


Q: How did you choose the IFBB NY Pro for your Pro debut, as it is one of the biggest Pro league competitions in the world?

A: There were many reasons for this decision. Firstly, the date of New York Pro matched with my personal schedule of preparation. Some people warned me that it is not such a good idea to go to that competition for Pro debut. Unfortunately, there were no Pro shows for my category in this period of the year in Europe.

The next reason was that I wanted to know where I place with my look. Besides that, I believe that all Pro shows are good to go. I was also excited to stay for a while in New York as I’ve heard many positive comments about it.

Last but not least, I had big wish to visit Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym and train there before the show.


Q: You came a week earlier to the states to "feel it". How did you like New York?

A: New York surprised me in a great way. City is so interesting and attractive and offers so much for everyone, so most of the time I tried to be out of apartment. I stayed in center of Manhattan. I walked around as much as I could as I had to be more focused on my diet and preparation for the show. There was everything I needed and much more. Coming earlier was good idea. Fitness clubs are perfect and so I went to different ones. I like big stores offering endless organic food, which I always prefer! I definitely have to come again to see more of the city.


Q: After NY you went to Louisiana to compete at the Optimum ClassicEvaPogacnik3. How would you describe your physique there?

A: Yeah good question... After NY I had to downsize so I had to be on very low calorie diet and extremely clean. I tried to come smaller or drier to Optimum Classics in Shreveport, but certain unexpected circumstances interrupted my plans. So, I was more under stress because I couldn't prepare the meals the way I should. I had to admit I wasn’t pleased with my look there and I believe I could be more organized if I knew the circumstances there. The country was very nice, especially people, but other things (food stores, cooking facilities...) were completely different than in NY.


Q: Now, after your first Pro competitions, is there something you are going to improve for the next season?

A: I want to improve many things in my look as I got the idea what the judges prefer more and what less. I also really like to change my presentation and correct some details in my posing. Just to be more professional. I am very motivated after my first shows which is the most important for my next year’s appearance.


Q: What are your plans for rest of the year and 2015?

A: Right after New York Pro I started to think, rethink and analyze what should I change after my first Pro stage presentation and about my look comparing to physiques that were in front of me. For sure, I have to change some things as I was only 8th.

I am very positive about this experience and very motivated and full of energy for future plans. Now, first of all, I need to take a little break from hectic preparation schedule. Soon I will be ready to think about new approach I will take for 2015 competitions.


Q: How would you compare the Amateur league with the Pro?

A: Now I can tell the differences between an amateur competition and Pro league. This year I experienced great or perfect organization before stepping on stage at IFBB New York Pro. No delays, tanning were more or less same which I think is a good idea. Girls I’ve competed with were very friendly to each other in backstage... and all of them were in great shape and wearing beautiful bikinis. I also like the idea of mandatory individual presentation as this could be easier for the judges to see better each of us. I enjoyed a lot, although I had quite some stage-fright. The feeling I had as Pro was wonderful and worth all the effort.


Q: Is there anyone you would like to thank for this year's preparations?

A: Without any EvaPogacnik4doubt, I can say I had best team ever this year and we all did everything we could... and for the next season we will do even better job!

I would like to thank my training coaches Brigita Brezovac and Zmago Karner (they are very professional and experienced). This year was the first time working with them and is not easy to prepare someone for the first time as the time is needed to get to know how individual body reacts on certain training and diet. It was and will be a great honor working with them in the future.

I want to thank my manager, Zorana Jagodic, she was a great help from the start to the end with all promotional work and other details. There is Martina Lepcin, my posing coach with a lot of competition and stage presentation experience. It was also her first time to prepare woman physique competitor for Pro stage. I had so much fun working with her and I wouldn’t change her for anything in the world. Now we all have more information how to come out better next year.

Thanks to my sponsors for supporting me in all possible ways (Maxximum Shop, Sci-Muscle, MNX Sportswear, Sportclub and Opereta Nekretnine). Last but not least, thanks to my family, close friends and my true fans. Thank you all guys, you’ve been a great support!


Q: What was your first cheat meal after months of strict dieting?

A: Oh, I will be honest! I had: beer, peanuts, pizza, pasta, juicy stake and, and, and, and guess what?? Lots of ice cream!


Photo Credit: Iva Banini


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