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Powerlifting Double Event: Fundraiser and Guinness Record!



Oregon powerlifters Chris Duffin and Adrian Larsen will attempt to set new records in a Guinness-sanctioned strength exhibition on Sunday, March 16, at Elite Performance Center.

Both lifters will offer free deadlift and bench press clinics to interested athletes after they have completed their lifts.

The event will be open to the public, and donations will be collected to benefit Portland powerlifter and bouncer Brian Rizzo. Rizzo was shot on Jan. 11 while working at the Mystic Gentleman’s Club.


Kate Barsky’s 2nd Annual Alive and Jiving



 My friend Kate Barsky from XAthletes.ca needs our help. After develivering a healthy child, within day she was in the hospitall several times and was misdiagnosed more than a half a dozen times. After gaining mroe than 100lbs in 2 weeks time, a cardiologist happened to see her xray and asked who the patient was. She was immediately admitted with Cardiomyopathy and Congestive Heart Failure. After more than a year in the hospital and related therapies, she has come back in a big way by being a competitive strength athlete and helping promote strength sports to their fullest in British Columbia and beyond.


2014 Arnold Strongman Classic Event 1 - Austrian Oak Log Press



The 2014 Arnold Strongman Classic kicked off with HUGE crowds and HUGE numbers pressed in the first event, The Austrian Oak Log Press. This log, specifically commissioned for the Arnold weekend weighs in at a massive 440lbs. Its moderate girth, heavy weight and exaggerated length make it a real test to press. In years past, only 2 or 3 men per show are able to press the big log. This year saw six. Of those who did not a complete a single rep, they used a smaller similar 380lb log. Here are all of the athletes successful lifts.


Andy Bolton: 5 Tips for a Stronger Deadlift



The deadlift is an amazing exercise and one that you should include in your strength training routine if you want to add slabs of granite hard muscle to your body from head-to-toe, strengthen your posterior chain, and increase athletic performance. In fact, there may be no better exercise for working the hamstrings, glutes, entire back, and grip, and for making you bigger, faster, and stronger.

So, with that said, here are five tips for a stronger deadlift:...


Arnold Strongman Classic Complete Preview and Predictions




Every year since the inception of the Arnold Strongman Classic, Dr Terry Todd and his wife Jan manage to create one of the heaviest and most brutal five event shows on the planet. This year appears to be no exception. Rogue Fitness has stepped up their game by providing some of the unique pieces that will be on stage next weekend. The heaviest dumbbell ever used in competition, a yoke potentially going to over 1,500lbs and the staple Hummer Tire Deadlift which could see more than one man attempt 1,300lbs or more. Chiropractors and Physical Therapists, get your tables ready, because the Todd's are bringing the Pain to Columbus!


Heavy-Light-Medium for Mass - An Old Method For New Gains



For those of you who have read any of my writing you know that I am a big fan of the Heavy-Light-Medium system for strength training. For those of you who have not read my work….I’m a big fan of the Heavy-Light-Medium system for strength training.


I of course take no credit for the development of the method. Most of us in the industry are familiar with the system thanks to Bill Starr’s classic text, The Strongest Shall Survive. For those unfamiliar with the methodology, Starr’s original program called for 3 whole body workouts per week consisting of the Squat, Bench Press, and Power Clean. All 3 lifts were trained on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but with a fluctuating workload throughout the week...


Sin City Strongman V: Las Vegas - Giants Live Qualifier



Callie Marunde Best and her much beloved husband Pro Strongman and Worlds Strongest Man competitor Nick Best bring you once again, the ONLY qualifier for a shot at Worlds Strongest Man... Sin City Stongman V! Last years event saw some fierce comeptition between Scott Cummine, Andrew Palmer and Robert Oberst of which two had their trips paid for to Giants Live. Join them once again in the city that brings some HUGE talent to the international stage.


Deep Water: Do You Want To Transform Your Life?



Deep Water is more than training, it is more than nutrition, it is a philosophy to empower you for improvement.

‘Pain causes some men to break and some to break records!’ This mantra has helped Jon Andersen go from pudgy, awkward teenager to an international strength icon in strongman, wrestling and soon to be bodybuilding.

Deep Water is the overview of Jon’s ultra challenging training protocols, unique dieting principles and life altering outlook, to help you take control of your body and mind.


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