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This is America - 27 Hotly Debated Words



This week Mike talks about the most legally discussed 27 words in American History: Your 2nd Amendment.


Arnold Strongman Speculation - It's All We've Got!





Mike Jenkins on Disney XD - What Would it Take?



Mike Jenkins was on the Disney offshoot channel, Disney XD's Marvel Universe over the weekend. Here is a sneak peak at the video "What Would it Take" for a human to be the Hulk? Big Mike helps put some of the strength feats and size, into perspective.


More Media Bullshit Completely F-ing Up PED Use: Ray Lewis.



Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis found himself in a Super Bowl week controversy on Tuesday after he was asked about possibly taking a banned substance to help his remarkable recovery from a torn triceps earlier this season.

Sports With Alternatives To Steroids (S.W.A.T.S) a company that was spotlighted by Yahoo! Sports online magazine ThePostGame.com in 2011 for providing a product that has a substance banned by the NFL, may have provided Lewis with deer-antler velvet extract spray after his triceps injury this year. That spray includes IGF-1, which is banned by the NFL.


Mike Jenkins Joins Hildebrand At the ASC!



Coverage from Rx Muscle continues to grow. When you want the best in coverage, you go to the best in the business. We have sought out talent like Mel Chancey and now Dr. Lane Norton, people who know the Iron Game inside and out. On that note, the 2011 Arnold Amateur Strongman Champion, the 2012 Arnold Strongman Classic Champion and Worlds Strongest Man finalist Mike Jenkins will be reporting with Bryan Hildebrand at the Pro event on March 1st and 2nd.


Mike Jenkins Video: Recovery Update



The 2012 Arnold Strongman Classic winner and top 5 finisher at last years World's Strongest Man announced several week ago he would be sitting out this years Strongman Classic due to a continuing knee injury. At the time he felt that he could not be 100% in an event that is far more physically demanding and taxing than any other in the world. In that decision he confirmed with Dr Terry Todd, his own Orthopaedic surgeon, his sponsors and his lovely wife Keri, and came to the conclusion now was the best time for surgical intervention. Here is Mike's update to his fans from last night updating everyone on his progress and his availability and appearances at the Arnold Expo.


Pritchett, Burke and Oberst win in LA.



The L.A. Fit Expo is now in the books and some big surprises awaited those in the strongman community. With 12 athletes, 9 of which were Pro and 3 Amateurs, after 5 of 6 events, 2 Amateurs were leading the pack! In the end, Jerry Pritchett who just missed his Pro Card against Mike Caruso in 2010, had a strong game plan coming into L.A. Which he executed perfectly and took the win and the last invitation to the Arnold Strongman Classic back to Phoenix.


Jerry Pritchett Bests the Pro's in LA, going to Arnold





"Bro" is Aiming for a Three-Peat at BvP 14





MLB to Begin Testing for Growth Hormone in 2013




Major League Baseball will test players' blood for human growth hormone during the season starting this year, becoming the first American sport to do so and continuing the league's stand against performance-enhancing drugs following decades of abuse by players.

Following a rash of positive tests for testosterone last season, MLB also will implement a new testing procedure for the synthetic drug, according to sources. The league will use a "longitudinal testing program" in which its testing lab in Montreal will maintain baseline concentrations of testosterone, epitestosterone and T/E ratio. The lab will compare those values to subsequent tests. If there is a statistically significant difference, the lab will scrutinize the sample with IRMS testing to see if the result was caused by a PED.


Odd Haugen's All American Strongman at the LA Fit Expo



A mix of 11 Pro and Amateur athletes are slated for the start line for the 2013 All American Strongman presented by GNC on Saturday January 19th, and 13 in the Met-Rx Visegrip Viking presented by GNC and IronMind on Sunday January 20. The Met-Rx Strongman Combat on Sunday January 21 will have 6-8 competitors depending on Saturday's result. In years past, Odd's kick off event of the year was also a qualifier for the Arnold Strongman Classic in Columbus Ohio at the beginning of every March.


SCL Approaches $500,000 in Prize Money





Arnold Strongman Classic Competitors



The announcement is not yet official, but the ten invitees to the Arnold Strongman Classic have been known for a few weeks now. None of the invites are truly surprising, but there is a little “hhmmmm” factor to consider. Coupled with the announcement that the 2012 ASC champion Mike Jenkins is sitting the 2013 version out due to a surgical knee issue, we have a field of nine. No announcement has been made as to who will fill the number ten slot, but those in the know are hoping to see tradition return.


Joe Morrow Lb for Lb Shoots for RUM 6



Joe Morrow who has been featured in Strength Central before, is out to defend his Lightweight title at RUM 6 in February, 2013. Joe, known to many as the strongest Lb for Lb powerlifter in the world has totaled his bodyweight x10 more than once in competition. Below is a preview video of his training. Joe also competed in bodybuilding last year and intends to again later this year. With the moto: "Workin' to be "pound for pound" the strongest Raw powerlifter in America and "pound for pound" the World's Strongest Bodybuilder!" you know the guy is working hard to acheive hsi dreams.


Terry Hollands Mulling Retirement



One of Strongman's most recognizable faces has announced he is taking the 2013 season off to determine whether he will stay in the game that has brought him such huge success, or whether its time to hang up the lifting straps. The Giant from the UK has qualified for the Worlds Strongest Man seven times, finishing on the podium twice and has been invited to the big dance in Columbus Ohio at the Arnold Strongman Classic, twice. From Terry's Facebook this morning:


Breaking News: 2012 Arnold Strongman Champ Jenkins is Out for 2013!



In hugely disappointing news, the 2012 Arnold Strongman Classic winner Mike Jenkins anounced earlier today he will not be congtesting the 2013 Arnold. He simply states in the video below that he has suffered a knee injury that has him at 80-90% of his lifts as he prepared for the coming show. After speaking with Dione Wessels, Dr. Terry Todd, Colin Bryce and the powers that be, it was decided that taking the time to allow this injury to heal and explore surgical options was the best thing to do at tthis time.


Bryans' X-Mas List: Bacon Maple Bars


 It's Christmas time, which in this country means overindulgence more so than usual and as a strength athlete, I'm ok with that. What really matters is ensuring that that caloric intake increases during the cold off season months. Building quality strength, size and fortitude begins with calories. Granted, a balance of appropriate calories is important, but for those times when you want to splurge, there are lots of places to turn to, but this is one of my favorites.



Bryans' X-Mas List: Training by Charles Glass



Since I am taking the plunge and attempting to fulfill a very long wish to compete as a bodybuilder, it only makes sense to learn from the best. Former IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Charles Glass has worked with the best of the best as well as average Joes to bring them to their absolute best. Glass runs an uber successful full service business where his services include a full nutrition (contest prep) plan, individual training sessions and he has developed a Fix Me Analysis to help individuals identify weak areas and how to improve on them through training. Long considered the best of the best when it comes to identifying and fixing lagging bodybparts or fixing aesthetic imbalances, Charles is able wto work with clients both in person and over the web.


Couples Strongman Challenge - The Ironmill Philosophy Just Got Real



 Fail. Adapt. Succeed. Repeat.

That’s the Ironmill philosophy. It was the message I had in big letters on my t-shirt at Saturday’s Strongman competition in South Windsor, CT. When I packed that shirt to wear at the competition, I had no idea how much that philosophy was going to manifest in my performance that Saturday.

I was having a great run of successes the last few months. I was working hard and seeing the payoff in contest after contest. In September I had gotten my pro-status as a powerlifter in RPS at the Iron Maiden Championships in Newark, NJ. In October I flew to Phoenix, AZ for the RX Muscle Bros vs Pros 12 squat and deadlift challenge for reps with bodyweight. At 125lbs, with 125lbs on the barbell I squeezed out 75 squats and 156 deadlifts to win the event by 71 reps. On December 1st, I entered my first strongman competition, aggressively bypassing the novice class and competing in the open with hopes to qualify for nationals. It paid off. I finished 2nd and got my national qualification at my first competition. I was on a roll.


Bryans' X-Mas List: Reading Material - MILO



One of only a few magazines, or journals, for the passionate few in Strength Sports. Whether it be Strongman, Powerlifitng, Olympic Lifting, Highland Games or Grip Strength, these guys cover it all, from around the world. MILO, A Journal for Serious Strength Athletes is that one piece of the printed puzzle that may never go away. Articles from soem of the biggest and brightest in the industry, MILO is every strength guys bible.


Bryans' X-Mas List: GASP for Big Boys



When GASP Clothing came on the scene in American bodybuilding circles several years ago, most people saw the line, wanted the products, but came up em pty handed. GASP, based Sweden simply couldn't keep up with Norwegian and UK demand, let alone with develing into the American market. Once the market became avaialble, sales went through the roof in the U.S. Their products, built for real athletes by athletes brings quality cloths together with terrirfic fitment for hypertrophy enhanced men and subsequently an entire womens line.


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