RX Power Hour (5/23/13) Mike Jenkins calls in to talk about his Clydesdale Games plus Mikey J's tribute to George Kastanza!










Hosted by Bryan Hildebrand & Mike Johnston!



This week's Rx Power Hour Strength Radio :

Some weeks, there is so much going on... and this week is one of them!

First, our hearts and prayers go out to the fine people in Moore, Oklahoma who suffered such a massive tragedy. There are parents today who dropped their kids off at school only to never have them return. It is with a heavy heart we dedicate our show to them.
The powerlifting world saw Eric Spoto break the all time raw bench record with first a 716lb blast and then followed that up with a 722lb stroke. Talia VanDoren won not a USPA powerlifitng event and set state records, but also won a strongwoman contest ON THE SAME DAY! Dan Green breaks the all time raw 242lb total and much much more.

Mike Jenkins calls in to talk about his Clydesdale Games sponsored by Relentless Crossfit. He tells us how the colliding of the strongman world and Cross world are coming together for a shot at $10,000! Mike also gives us his take on what it takes to excel in Strongman and how that translates to Crossfit in his 400lb world.

Fuck Marry Kill sees three generations of Daisy Duke, Bryans' Beer of the Week is a nod to Elvis from Rogue Brewing, Listener Questions, the infamous Kai the Surfer NOW murderer? Music this week from The Doors as a remembrance of one of the greatest keyboardists in Rock and much more from the boys who don't take much seriously at all... as evidenced by Mikey J's tribute to George Kastanza!




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