RX Power Hour (5/9/13) Bros vs Pros 15 plus strongman and Lakeland Florida Police Officer, Mr Scott Weech!!!










Hosted by Bryan Hildebrand & Mike Johnston!



This week's Rx Power Hour Strength Radio :

This week is without a doubt, the most egocentric Bryan show to date. Bryan in Seattle. Bryan training with ASC Pro Andrew Palmer. Bryan at bros V Pros. Bryan on vacation. Bryan and the Anarchists...? But trust us, when Mike Johnston has a microphone, he isn't able to contain his silence for very long!

Mike begs to have Charles Ramsey on as our guest next week before he reaches epidemic proportions of infamy. Bryan and Mike discuss the kidnapping and en-slavery Charles broke three girls from a Cleveland Ohio home and brought closure to a cities mystery. 

This weeks guest had a HUGE weekend in Seattle, not only taking home the top spot and the cash to go along with it at the Sultans of Squat III but also taking home the $1,500 top prize the following day at Bros V Pros 15; Lakeland Florida Police Officer, Mr Scott Weech. The Vanilla Gorilla is in the midst of a comeback of sorts after his distance running at the academy nearly broke him down. He discusses being a Pro Strongman, Pro Powerlifter, Dad, Husband and Cop...
The boys also break news on a prominent douchebags Lap-Band surgery, Beer of the Week, Fuck Marry Kill features the most bodacious hottie of the Food Network (no, not the bobblehead)... but Ms Nigella Lawson! All of this and much much more on the Rx Power Hour! 




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