"Daddy" Glenn Ross and Ed Hall Break a Unique Record

In Strength Athletics, there are certainly a lot of "Unique" records out there. Sometimes, they are obscure enough that people have forgotten about them for a time and when it pops up, someone gets the brilliant idea they should give it a go. Legendary UK Strongman "Daddy Glenn Ross and Ed "Spartan" Hall settled on a tie for a new world record in the brick lift with 25 each.

Whats a brick lift you ask? Well, try taking bricks, standing them on end and lining them. Now take your hands, wrap them around the end bricks, push in and squeeze as hard as you can and lift. These two broke the long standing record of 24 originally established by arguably one of the greatest strongmen of all time, UK's own 2x World Strongest Man Geoff Capes way back in the 1970's.

Congrats to these two fine gentlemen. They represent and promote the sport of strongman in a very progressive and honest way.

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