Brian Shaw of Colorado Wins the Tenth Arnold Strongman Classic

Brian Shaw of Lupton, CO won the contest over an international field to capture the 8th Annual Arnold Strongman Classic title.  Shaw received a $45,000 check and the Louis Cyr trophy by Gerard Dente of MHP, an Audemars Piquet watch from Shane Dixon of Ricart.com, and congratulations from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Shaw set three world records, in the Dead Lift, Manhood Stones and Timber Carry.  Shaw astonished the crowd by lifting a 535 lb. round stone over a 4 ft. bar for a new world record.

Finishing seven points behind Shaw in second was Mike Jenkins. This was Jenkins first pro show, he won the amateur contest in 2010.  He received $20,000 from Brian Cavanaugh of GNC.

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The order of the other finishers was:

  • 3rd place: Zydrunas Savickas of Lithuania received $15,000 from Rich Gaspari of Gaspari Nutrition.
  • 4th place: Travis Ortmayer of Cypress, TX received $10,000 from Rich Gaspari of Gaspari Nutrition.
  • 5th place: Mikhail “Misha” Koklyaev of Russia received $8,000 from Jay Jacobson of Optimum Nutrition.
  • 6th place: Mark Felix of England received $6,000 from Jesse Kasten of Twinlab.
  • 7th place: Nick Best, Las Vegas, NV received $5,000 from Dave Spafford of Michelob ULTRA.
  • 8th place: Terry Hollands of England received $3,000 from Dave Reisman of Gold’s Gym
  • 9th place: Sergeii Romanchuk received $2,000 from Chuck Tennenbaum of Subway.

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