Derek Poundstone Withdraws from the Arnold Strongman Classic

The 2011 Arnold Strongman Classic was rocked with information today when it was announced by Ironmind Magazine that the 2x reigning champion Derek Poundstone has withdrawn from this weekends event. Ryan bracewell first broke the news here on RxMuscle.com around  1:00pm today.

From Ironmind:

"…Suffered a compression/stress fracture on T8 while prepping for the Arnold,” Poundstone told IronMind. “I pushed through the pain and had a specialist from NYU do 4 epidurals on Feb 18th.

“It helped a ton but last week while training, I severely aggravated my back while doing a few sets with a
1000-lb. frame carry.

“I rested the weekend and gave it a good shot this week, I just can't do it. I'm extremely disappointed.

“Despite the pain, I still recently hit a 910-lb. raw deadlift, a 250-lb. dumbell clean and press and carrried
a 1000-lb. frame 65'! The ladder is what aggravated my back, but we know how to fix it: REST,” said

With that news, Arnold Strongman Classic Officials called up veteran Worlds Strongest man competitor
Mark Felix. Mark had recently placed third at the L.A. Fit Expo All-American Strongman Competition
behind winner Terry Hollands and Nick Best. This news is sure to make a huge impact on expectations
and clearly will crown a new ASC winner.

Also being reported by the Arnold Strongman Classic website just this afternoon, the 6th invitee to this
year’s ASC Brian Siders has also withdrawn from this weekend’s competition due to an unspecified

This weekend will see for the first time since it’s inauguration that only 9 competitors will vie for the
crown. Undoubtedly, it leaves the field wide open across all of the events.

All our best to Derek and his recovery from us here at RxMuscle.com

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