I Have An Agenda: So Let’s Get Started!

In an age when communicagendaation is easier than ever, people seem more afraid of meaningful dialog than ever before! Not a day goes by that I don't find myself reading some training or diet article that has at least one or two points i find questionable or in need of clarification. Not in always in a "negative" of hurtful kind of way just in a "I don't agree with that" or "I don't understand your point" kind of way! I admit that i am more than a little over the top when it comes to being direct and specific but if someone is willing to post their work in a public forum should they expect / welcome dialog?

Sadly the concept of peer review seems to be dead! If you do anything less than jump for joy and "glad hand' to the point of absurdity over every single syllable someone pens you "HAVE AN AGENDA" or worse!

Well......................................... Worse it is!

Allow me to let you in on THE BIG SECRET.............................I do have an agenda! That agenda is to re-introduce the concept of peer review, RATIONAL thought and dialog (welcome or otherwise) to the word of cyber-strength!

Don't miss interpret the above................... I'm not talking about the dollar and or ego driven Bashing that is often so rampant on proprietary media outlets, but the honest and thoughtful questioning of material and or ideas. I love the idea and act of sharing knowledge and ideas among peers and I genuinely believe that only through such means and acts will we (strength athletes) as a group begin to reach our potential. That said not I or anyone else is above reproach nor exempt of the critique, questioning and potential criticisms of those that feel they are our peers! Not only is that undeniably true it is exactly as it should be!

With the above admissions in play I’d like to introduce this as the opening piece in an ongoing series dedicated to introducing dialog and attention to current authors and published works from around the world of strength training for the purpose of bringing clarity and notoriety to the body of knowledge we all want and need!


Editor’s Footnote:

I am very excited about this segment. So are some other very strong and talented people that I know. So, while the “evil one” will take point, from time to time I and other “special guests” will be doing a little peer review!

Mike Johnston, PT, CSCS
Rx POWER Hour Host
Rx Muscle Strength Central Editor/ Contributor


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