Canuck Corner With Natalie Waples #40

Canuck Corner With Natalie Waples #40

Hello EveD8X5295-8 5X11-Retouchedryone! 

Well it has been a busy couple months and now is a great time to check in with RX Girl as the competition season is in full swing, and the 2014 race for the Olympia has begun! 

I kicked off March with my second appearance on the Arnold Classic Pro Figure stage, and what an amazing show it was! Beautiful, athletic women from all over the world competed for the title of Ms Figure International, with Candice Keene coming out on top, and some new faces in the mix for the top 10. Although I would have hoped to place better, I had an amazing time competing, as well as shooting with Mark Bradfield of Training & Fitness magazine, interviewing for PVL on the Mutant Lab Report wit Ron Partlow, and just having a great time in general with my FMG sisters and Team AZ Pro Teammates. 

This past weekend, after a 4 day turnaround at home, I travelled to St Louis for the 1st Phorm St Louis Pro Figure, and competed against 23 lovely ladies. I was very, very pleased with my Top 5 placing in this competitive, and very conditioned line-up, and had a blast with my fellow competitors both back stage and afterwards at the Galleria Cheesecake Factory. My tanning sponsor LiquidSunRayz made my skin the absolute perfect colour (even the forums mentioned my tan!!) and once again, Tamee Marie outfitted me with an absolutely beautiful suit. 

So now that I am heading back home, I have some big changes coming up, which are going to mean a revamping of my training, overall look, and contest prep. I am really excited for this new direction and will share more with all of you in the next month. Please stay tuned! 

I'd like to give a shout out to some of my fellow Canadians who also rocked the pro stages this past weekend: Dana French took 8th at St Louis Pro Bikini, Lise Thexton placed 6th at St Louis in WPD, Leigh Brandt placed 7th in Australia Pro Bikini, and Jaclyn Wilson placed 3rd in the Muscle Contest Pro Bikini. Look out because the Canucks are coming! I love to see other active Canadian Pros on the stage, and doing so well in so many categories! 

I saw a great quote this week and had to share it with the readers '' Self Confidence is my outfit of choice, wear it, rock it''. This hit home for me because no matter where you place in a contest, at the end of the day your inner beauty, character, and self worth are what's important, so cut yourself some slack and be proud of yourself for the work you do, despite the outcome. 

Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat! 

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