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IFBB Bikini Pro Vanessa Prebyl’s Fit and Fab Lifestyle Blog #11

vanessa by rocksIFBB Bikini Pro Vanessa Prebyl’s Fit and Fab Lifestyle Blog #11

Hello Everyone! I hope your training is going well. As for me, I started a new shoulder routine last week and, oh my gosh, I have been sore for almost the full week. I have implemented FST- 7 for my Shoulders and I can defiantly feel the difference. The best part of my new workout is when I'm done blasting my shoulders I look in the mirror and they are all full, round, and beautiful. Yay! They have to be twice their size when they get pumped. Ahhhhh, working out is so satisfying and rewarding if you take the time to notice your improvements.


IFBB Figure Pro Essence Monet… Rising Above and Onto the Pro Stage #3

Emonet2IFBB Figure Pro Essence Monet… Rising Above and Onto the Pro Stage #3

Over the last couple of years, every contest that I have prepped for, something seems to go wrong that nearly pushes me over the edge and makes me want to give up.  But the words “Give Up” or “Failure” do not exist in my world. So, I have always found some way to make it work and this time around was no exception.


Canuck Corner-Installment #10

NWOxygenJuly2012pg1Canuck Corner-Installment #10


Hi Everyone!

Summer is on its last month here in Canada, and with that comes the last chances for Olympia qualifications.  With the Olympia being only 7 weeks away, it is no wonder that the remaining pro shows are filling up fast, with this week's PBW Tampa Pro boasting some of the largest line ups this season, and the Europa in Dallas next weekend is sure to be stacked!


IFBB Bikini Pro Vanessa’s Fit & Fabulous Lifestyle #10

New LogoIFBB Bikini Pro Vanessa’s Fit & Fabulous Lifestyle #10

Hellooooooo Everyone!!!!! The past two weeks have seemed to fly by.

So, we finally got our logo for our Tanning Salon & Boutique and it looks great. The funny thing is, it kind of looks like me! And, we are looking forward to our new business cards.  I’ll have to post a picture when I get them.


Fit, Fun and 21: Journal 3: Finding your Motivation

IMGP7703Fit, Fun and 21: Journal 3: Finding your Motivation

It seems sometimes when you’re doing shows or even just training to be fit and healthy, it gets hard to keep yourself motivated.  There are temptations everywhere to throw you in the opposite direction.  More often than not, there are many more signs to send you off your track, than to keep you on it.  This makes it very easy to fall off a bit, and once you fall off a little, it’s just a slippery slope until you end up in a place you didn’t plan on being.  That being said it’s important to keep finding reasons to motivate yourself.


T-N-T (Trish (Wood) n Training) Journal: Finding MY (inner) Strength!

2012-07-21 11.09.56T-N-T (Trish (Wood) n Training) Journal:  Finding MY (inner) Strength!

Who would of thought that putting on the off-season pounds would be so challenging? Of course physically putting on weight isn't hard, but the mental side of it has been my biggest challenge in a long, long time. For years I've been so scared to let myself put on weight for fear of putting on too much body fat and then having a terrible time getting it back off again in my next competition season. But I've realized that there is a line to be drawn here- between putting on too much weight (or fat) and not putting on enough.


Candice Keene’s Fitspiration to a Better You:“Inspired Thought”

426154 10150651893074536 119074414535 8823877 852015802 nCandice Keene’s Fitspiration to a Better You:“Inspired Thought”

Hey Guys!

To catch you up to speed a bit..I am 3 weeks into my Olympia prep!! Boy, these weeks are flying!! This summer has been flying!!  Since the NY Pro, I have been training hard and trying to have a little ME time.  As you know, I juggle school full time, competing, and doing my ProCakez..so a little ME time was much needed!! I took the summer off and had a good 7 weeks of NO contest prep mode!! At first I was going a little crazy because I was so used to be doing something all the time, so naturally I felt a little lost.  But I got over that quick! I started to listen to the thoughts in my head (haha..thats sounds lil cooky huh lol)..I am talking about inspired thoughts.


Apprime Fit by Michelle Blank Blog #7: Operation Keep Mom-mom Moving!

Mom & Mom-Mom Olympia 2011Apprime Fit by Michelle Blank Blog #7: Operation Keep Mom-mom Moving!

Over July 4th weekend I had the opportunity to visit my family and a few friends in Philadelphia and New Jersey.  Though I travel up that way a few times a year, this trip I actually was able to enjoy my visit and spend a decent amount of time with my family.  For the first time in almost twenty years both of my brothers and my mother were all on the beach together.  We had a great day playing with my niece and nephew mainly in the water as it was scorching hot.  We also had a nice dinner and night out for my mom’s 60th birthday.  I know I’ve said it before, but it is so important to cherish times like these as they don’t happen often.


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