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Our next Rx Girl is Jill Bunny from Canada and is a successful bikini fitness competitor. She is 28 years of age and is also a driving force when it comes to other women who want to compete in various fitness divisions with her fitness company called “Fit Bunnies Fitness”.

Rx Girl took time to interview Jill Bunny to learn more about her perspective on fitness.


RX: Thank you for doing this interview with Rx Girl, Jill. How long have you been involved in the fitness industry and can you please tell us about your project “Team Bunny”?

JB: I started my career in the fitness industry from an early age of 16 when I volunteered at a local gym. I then went off to University to study Kinesiology and obtained qualifications in Personal Training, Nutrition, group exercise, etc. I then worked overseas in Europe, and started my modeling career. 

Three years1002921 10152220316385805 5588193686791967823 n ago, I resided back in Canada and started to pursue my career in the fitness industry as a competitor and coach. I opened my own business, Fit Bunnies Fitness Inc., also known as Team Bunny (www.fitbunnies.ca).  Our bunnies are a family and we take pride in supporting one another in all aspects of life. With the proper support system, anything is possible. My mission is to inspire other women to pursue their dreams using health and fitness as their outlet. 


RX: Do you have any goals in the future concerning your own competitive career?

JB: My personal competitive goal for the next 1-5 years is to obtain my IFBB Pro Card.  I then plan on touring the IFBB circuit in hopes of making it to the Olympia stage. Along the way I would love to meet top athletes/photographers and embrace all the sport has to offer.


RX: Do you have any other passions beside fitness and sneakers? :-)

JB:  You know me too well... my two passions in life! Besides fashion and modeling, I also love to do a little getaway here and there. Whether it is going to a spa, hotel or inclusive resort, I believe that one should take time for themselves to unwind and create a balance. 


RX:  What do you usually eat post workout?

JB:  I typically stay away from the common “post workout” drinks. I eat my next meal within a 30-minute window. My post workout meal will always incorporate a protein source, and either a complex carb such as rice, sweet potato or oats. When I get closer to show dates or photo shoots I may interchange the carb source for a fat. 


RX: How often do you do cardio?

JB: During my offseason I will usually do two cardio sessions a week as my “off / recovery” days. Leading up to competition I will increase my cardio gradually depending on how I look. I do not want to put my body into ketosis, so I will use cardio to drop the additional weight and to tighten up. 


RX: Does Jill have any special plans this summer?

JB: I will be competing at the CBBF Nationals in Edmonton to try and win my Pro Card. I also plan on going to the Olympia held in Vegas to watch the most inspirational athletes in the industry. 


RX: Do you have any ideal physiques which you admire in the fitness world?

JB: I don’t believe there is an “ideal” physique. It is open to judgment and personal preference. Physiques come in all different shapes and sizes and are unique in their own way, similar to a piece of artwork. 


RX: In closing is there anyone you would like to thank or anything you would like to add?

JB: I would like to thank my Coach aka "Boss" C1508504 10152163554955805 7135820177663202670 nameron Cogswell. Without his knowledge, support and training methods I would not be where I am today, both physically and mentally. He taught me to believe in the process. 

This statement is very powerful and something I now use in all aspects of my life. 


A special shout out to all my Team Bunny girls, you are my family and the reason I look forward to waking up each day. Thank you to all who have supported me and allowed me to pursue my dreams as a competitor, fitness model and above all the quirky Jill Bunny!


Thank you for the interview, Jill Bunny. We hope you will continue your successful career and keep on inspiring other people to get involved in fitness and also to compete in the future. Good luck and have a great summer.

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