Exclusive Interview With IFBB Figure Pro Julia Aragon!

Exclusive Interview With IFBB Figure Pro Julia Aragon!

Our next Rx Gi735056296rl was born in Chihuahua, Mexico, and is currently living in El Paso, Texas. She works as a personal trainer and competes in Pro Figure events. Julia started lifting weights when she was 21 years old. She began because she felt she wanted to start doing some exercise and she really appreciated the gym training. 

From the beginning it was not meant to be more than just exercise by free weights. Later on the thoughts about competing slowly started to emerge. When a friend suggested Julia should try competing because she thought she had a good frame. She eventually found herself really liking the idea and got a trainer. Just a bit over a year later she was in Las Vegas at her first national show – the USA's, where she turned pro. 

Competes in: IFBB Pro Figure

Date of birth: September 10, 1983

Country: USA 

Competition history:  

2009 NPC Southwest Desert Regional, El Paso, Texas, Bikini Overall & Figure Overall

2009 NPC Excalibur, Culver City, California, Class B 1st place

2010 NPC USA Championships, Las Vegas, Nevada, Class B 1st place turned IFBB PRO

2010 IFBB PRO Border States, San Diego, California, 15th place

2012 IFBB Cal State PRO, Culver City, California, 7th Place 

2012 IFBB Europa, Dallas, Texas, 11th place

2013 IFBB Cal State PRO, Culver City, California, 15th place

Next competitions:  IFBB NY PRO, New York, NY

IFBB Tournament of Champions, Culver City, California 


1. What do you feel is the WORST part of contest prep?

The worst would definitely the dieting! Ugh, I love food! All kinds, so this is what kills me! 

2. Would you please tell us a little about your workout schedule? 

I love to lift weights. This is the best part for me. I do weights 5-6 times a week. I do cardio 1x a week on the Stairmaster, 20 minutes during the off season.  I do cardio 5-6x’s a week at a starting amount of 20 minutes and increase every week until I reach 40 for show prep.  My lifting doesn’t change too much. Still try to lift as if I was off season. 

3. If you knew what you know today, what would you do differently when you started weight training?

I would definitely get a trainer. I wasted a year trying to lift on my own. It took me a whole year of weight training before I took step on a stage. It was a long process! My trainer, who then became my workout partner, John Felix, gave me a great foundation. I wouldn’t be at this level without him! 

4. If you had to lose one of your 5 senses, which one would you prefer to lose and why? 

My sense of smell, please! Ha This would help me a lot when dieting. I wouldn’t have to smell all the yummy stuff a mile away like a dog. Ha It would keep me from cheating on my diet for sure! 

5. If you could change one thing about this sport, what would it be?  

I don’t know. That is a tough one! If it was up to me I woDSC 2270uld like to compete back when Monica Brant was competing. Monica was such an inspiration and one of the reasons I’d wake up and do 4:30 a.m. cardio.  The women looked a little more lean and muscular. Although I do like the softer look that we have to follow now. It allows us to look more feminine and more obtainable for the women that are inspired by us.

6.  If you could switch your life with a famous person for one day, who would it be and why?

I would have to say Jennifer Garner. She’s beautiful, smart, talented, and a millionaire! I would switch with her first because of the $$$ would be nice. Second because she does it all. Works and manages to keep a private family life which would be hard to do being famous.

7. What advice do you have for women who would like to get involved in and compete in the sport of women’s figure? 

Go for it! It’s life changing. The fact that you can make your body change in a matter of weeks is amazing.  Competing and stepping on stage, sharing your hard work with people and inspiring, now that’s the fun part! Don’t do it half a*s. It must be 110%. This sport challenges you in many ways (food UGH!). It will change the way you take care of your body.

8. Which pro competitor would you take with you to a deserted tropical Island to live the rest of your life with?

I would take Monica Brant. She's been an idol of mine. Monica is now in Trials for the USA track team, so I know she’d be fast enough to catch us some food. Ha She also lives out in a ranch and is outdoorsy.

9. Favorite Motivational Quote: 

“Sleep Eat Train” because it’s as simple as that!

10. In closing, who would you like to give a shout out to? 

I would like to thank my mom and dad especially for putting up with my crazy a*s, friends and family who supported and had patience with me during my contest preparation, John Felix who got me to the Pro level as a trainer/workout partner/punching bag LOL, Eryk Bui for mentoring and helping me with the936273 466790726730207 1063661467 n ins and outs of the sport, and Rafael Campuzano at ATP Nutrition for sponsoring all my supplements.

Thank you for the interview Julia – and all of us from Rx Muscle wish you a great career ahead. It will be interesting to see you compete in the near future. We hope to see you at the New York Pro!


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