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Women’s Physique Competitor Jessica Giblin: “It’s about balance and priorities.”

Do you remembjesser when you decided to make a change for the better? Jessica Giblin does. “It was just something physical in me, a total body feeling,” she says. “I was kind of stuck in a rut: physically, mentally, emotionally, career-wise. I got out of bed and just decided to pick up a pair of little pink dumbbells and walk around the neighborhood to clear my head.” Since she made that choice 18 months ago Giblin, a Charleston, South Carolina native, has since upgraded from the pink dumbbells to become one of the fastest rising NPC Physique competitors in the country.



Focus on Form: Leg Press and Seated Calves

Many of us try to find dformifferent ways to conquer and improve our lower bodies. We look for techniques to target our weakest areas in the least amount of time in order for us to display the best physique possible. Isn’t that everybody’s goal? However, it’s these shortcuts that lead to improper form, ineffective techniques, possible injury and ultimately, minimal gains.


Get The Best Skin Ever- Part 1: Lifestyle Adjustments

bestsk“What skin cream do you use? Your skin looks amazing!”

This is a common exclamation from women who admire the flawless skin of those who are either naturally dermatologically blessed or have been proactive about practicing good skin care. Perhaps you are one of the blessed individuals, but most women deal with acne, wrinkles, oiliness, hyperpigmentation, dry skin and dark circles under the eyes, all of which can be addressed with targeted products. If you practice consistent skin care with the right products, you will see improvements in the tone and quality of your skin.


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